BeauteWeek Conference

Today I attended a beauty conference that was held at the Pattern Bar in Los Angeles Ca, alot of females came out on this night. It was a very cool event, we all got to meet Trina of which is a company she owns that sells hair extensions. Everyone sat down in a cut off part of the bar around the back in a seperate room closed off to have a conference meeting with another lady from I believe somewhere in the south and she spoke with us on the beauty company called Monat which is a line of face products. Which is very cool they spoke on the company on how we can be a part of it as brand ambassadors if we like and so on. After the conference we did a Q and A. And if you like they also have a starter, business and success product package you can purchase from the Monat line. The event was very informative and teaches young women on how to be entreprenuers and be your own boss and also talks about starting up your own company etc.  After the conference we also learned about another company called BBforMe which is a new app you download and you can book a beauty appointment like a massage or a yoga class, get your hair cut and so on. I thought wow technology is so advanced now you can just book an appointment with a touch of your cell phone through an app, times are changing.That is very convinient as well. If you had a long day at work and you need to relax and have stress you can get a massage very cool. Or you have a date or have an event to attend and need your hair styled for the night you can just pick up the app and make that hair appointment. So very cool. All these companies are very imformative and helpful I loved this event. And next I can't forget to speek on the hooch app.If you have not heard about it. Its a app called Hooch. Everyone at the event had to download the app for attending it is up to you if you choose to use it which I did it is only $1 for the month after you add your credit card to the app. This is how it works so you download the app add your info and start you recieve one free drink, then after that you get 29 more drinks for the entire month for free. So you basically pay one dollar for the whole month for 30 drinks one drink a day anywhere you like the app has a list of bars and restraunts to use this at which is all over L.A in any city in Los Angeles you want even at some of these big restraunts.Then after the next month it goes back to regular price $9.99 a month which is still good deal for 30 drinks for the month. I am not supporting alcoholism LOL.To just have one drink is ok just have a glass of wine like me this can come in handy if you wanna go out with your friends or a date and you wanna get your own drink for example or you had a long day and just want to hang some where and have one drink why not. Good news if you wanna download this app called Hooch and get the same deal I did I have a discount code you can use 39ef4a 

Disclaimer this is not sponsored post of any sort none of this blog is at all. I just decided to go to this event on my own to network and I decided I wanted to blog about it. Hope you enjoyed it. After the conference meeting we all gather to have appetizers they had layed out for us to eat with are free drink which was very good and tasty little sandwiches and some pita with dip as well. Here are some pictures below I took. Just a few pictures of the lovely food we had