The Greenhouse and JHRTS Academy Awards Viewing Party

Today I attended The Greenhouse and JHRTS Academy Awards Viewing Party, everyone gathered to watch the Oscars on a big screen at the CBS studio's lot. The Greenhouse Productions is a non profit orginization that started in 2007. I got to meet president of the company Shun Lee Fong and even got some pictures of him as well. I will post them at the bottom after this blog post. The Los Angeles non profit organization is for entertainment professionals and creative artists to engage and collab about art and entertainment. Today the Greenhouse Productions held a viewng party for the Oscars at the CBS lot in Studio City California. So many people came out and mingle and gathered to enjoy this festive night. They had a green carpet at the entrance so all who attended can take some pictures before, after or during the event. They served light snacks, with drinks, teas, soda, coffee and hot chocolate. The snacks were very good tons on different things to choose from chocolate cake, cookies, even popcorn. I think my favorite was the little wrap style sandwiches which were so delicious. They had some veggies to with the ranch dip and also two styles of turkey meat little slices which were amazing as well. The green carpet was fun the best highlight to go take some pictures with the back drop tons of fun. Hope you all enjoyed the blog here are some pictures below taken from the event. Everyone came out to mingle and make new friends, they even had a $5 dollar ballot with proceeds going to Greenhouse. Which was cool. I actually got to watch the process of them setting up for the Oscars as I was around Hollywood Blvd passing by during that week and wow this takes work its a crazy process and they take a week for a one day set up/ event, crazy its very pretty once all is done and everything is up and ready. The tourist are the best part to watch cause they get so excited to know they traveled out to Hollywood Ca now they may get a chance to see a celebrity. If you can pass by it gets crazy on Hollywood Blvd. once they have everything set up and ready for show then they start blocking everything off and the hollywood blvd take over begins. Well hope you enjoyed the blog here are pictures from the event below.