I created this post today to let you all know how great it is of a feeling for me to help people out that are in need. I went out and volunteered and got a chance to make some burittos and pass them out to the homeless people today. I ment to post this blog weeks ago and forgotten about it so now is the time here it is.This is a great cause it helps us to be greatful, alot of people take for granted alot in life. I think its great to help others this is how we should always be to many people in this world with out knowing it or not are very all for them selfs type attitude. We as people should not be like this, its not the way we where created in the first place. We are suppose to love each other and help each other. But not everyone is like this and we should learn to help out when help is needed. Below are pictures of preparing burritos and waters to pass out.

I realized one thing about los angeles people here can never go hungry. Do you realize how many organizations are out here that feed people who are hungry and homeless they have mess halls, food trucks, mission halls, grocery pantries, I mean the list goes on. So if you are homeless and are hungry living in L.A you have no excuse to starve absolutely none. Everyone will get fed out here. I have noticed alot of companys help in volunteering in so many ways, which is so great. I think this is an awesome thing now the homeless on the streets that's a whole nother issue that is not resolved. I really enjoy helping out when I can. I believe learning to discpline your self in this way is a great way to give back and help people who are less fortunate it also reminds us that life is hard sometimes and it can be ruff. Not everyone has life easy and we all have to crawl before you walk. I never take things in life for granted not anything people, situations, nothing. I have learned to embrace everything and be greatful. Life is wonderful and great and you just have to live it correctly and be blessed. So many people in this world spend time complaining and griping be greatful why be miserable. We must learn, grow and change, this is the best way to evolve, within yourself as a person. I always grew up going to church, every sunday. I know GOD I always have, even as I got older and I think if you can not learn to evolve within yourself as a person of faith what are you doing. Hope you like this blog so don't waste time being ungreatful in life be happy and be loving giving and caring. When I went out and did this job for this first time I low key broke down crying and noboddy even noticed. I remember walking up to this guy in this card board box and he was sitting up so excited in this box waiting for me to give him the burrito and was like thank you I said GOD bless you and walked away, then when I turn around I just had tears coming down. For me to see people like this makes me very greatful. Yes people got themselfes in this type of situation they can get themselfes out if they push hard to maintain and work.But we are human and we all make mistakes and no body is perfect in life. I hope this blog helps someone to learn how to be more giving in this cold world take care till next time xoxoxoxoxo Maryam