NBA all star after party indie showcase

The NBA all star weekend is up, and boy it was definately plenty of events, concerts, parties and showcases all around. For me I attended an indie artist showcase for a company called VIP Awards, Jay invited me out so of course I came showing my support as always love his events.Sorry for the late post I have had a long week and have not been able to put it up on time. The event I attended was an indie artists showcase. I came out supported and took notes such a great night tons of new talent coming up great performances so amazing. I brought my room mate out with me and she enjoyed the event what a great night, at one point I thought I was in a concert watching a live performance. When Danielle H came out and performed. Danielle shut it down this girl can blow I thought Christina Aguilera walked in my goodness words can not even explain how good she was, its one of those things you would have had to experience it for yourself and just be in the room watching.I got a chance to meet alot of great talent. Ricky Abernathy from the group called Side Effects opened up the show and he also shut it down he is a great talent to watch, so many talented people in this world its amazing. Singing is a gift and a beautiful talent if you have a voice and can sing. Some people may never even know they have a voice. I can remember years ago when I took up voice lessons and got all serious with it. I kind of had a voice or so my teacher said I did. By the time 3 to 4 months was up.Of me taking some serious vocal training my voice teacher said wow did Mariah Carey just walk in funny. That is how much my voice had transformed and evolved while training. Well anyways I use to love singing Mariah songs her and Whitney Houston's music were my top favorites.Singing was an old talent I always had. I have always loved singing all though it is not something I am pursuing anymore just a hobby thats all. So back to topic. Next up we had so many great talents.Omar Veluz  performed his song Fiesta and song named Gold. He is also and actor and told us during a quick break from performing that he played a lead character in a role along side Julia Roberts brother Eric Roberts in Snare. We had a list of performers tonight. Everything from rap, electronic, pop, r&b, even a little bit of old school music as well. It was an awesome night. I was lucky enough to stick around toward the end and meet the DJ behind all the tracks, the sound guy was very cool, and nice. Asstrokid the entertainer he is a DJ, Host, MC, and Producer. We even had a piano soul pop singer who goes by the name of Joel Brandon. What an amazing performance. Joel studied classical and music theatre piano as a voice major. Well that is all for now I will post the pictures I took from the event thanks for reading until next time xoxoxoxMaryam