Valentine's music,theatre night debut of Coffee with John

Today I attended a time travel romance play named Coffee With John. The play is written and directed by executive producers Miranda Spigener, Felipe Sapon and Colleen Mcclafferty. Starring Ross John Gosla and Michelle Boback on Valentines Day. We also got a chance to watch performances by R&B artist Indica Jones and music by Michelle Boback.The play Coffee with John is about a young journalist and writer named Ellison from another time of John Keats. Ellison Connelly who is played by Ross John Gosla is the young man in the play who transports back in time to this day now, and meets Michelle Boback who plays Callie Witherspoon in the coffe with john play. Ellison travels to time now and sees Callie at a coffee shop and falls in love with her, it is where they meet and he approaches her to start conversation. Callie is wondering why he is talking strangely because in the era he came from that is how they spoke. Callie thought to herself people don't talk like that normally and laughed asking him why do you speak like this. Callie giggles and seemed very annoyed with Ellison while he is talking to her and interupting her while she was in the cafe sitting alone reading a book. Callie later apologized to Ellison for being so rude to him so they became friends started chatting and he asked her if he could take her to meet some friends. Callie agreed so they transported back into time and Ellison took her to meet the great literary John Keats played by Donny Fox. She also met Alex Krogedal plays as Percy Shelley. What Callie did not realize is that Ellison time traveled with her to another era and they sat down talking and carrying on with literary John Keats and Percy Shelley. Callie was so interested in talking with Keats that Ellison was annoyed and transported back leaving her in another time and era. When she finally realized he was gone she rushed out and excused her self from the table which they had been chatting and carrying on. So when Callie left the next scene showed her running around screaming his name Ellison, Ellison and she then started to realize she had no idea where she was or how she was gonna get home. That is when she started crying. So it went on to the next scene where she was sleeping back in her apartment.  While Ellison was right next to her on the couch as she slept when she woke up she jumped up in a freight as she asked him why did you leave me with your friends. Ellison then replied you see I made sure you got home safely didn't I. It was an amazing play that was just some insight on the play and some bits and pieces as to what took place in this wonderful play.

Next up we also had some amazing music that night. R&B artist Indica Jones came out I got a chance to chat and meet with him. He is such an awesome talent and that night he picked 6 of his top songs to perform and says the songs he picked he hopes it can help people to relate. Indica Jones performed the classic song called stand by me. Which he sang very well and was an outstanding performance such an amazing voice and talent he is. Here are some pictures I took from that night.

Another article was released again on BuzzFeed which some of my pictures taken were released on the magazine thank you Miranda Spigener for the picture releases on the magazine publications so greatful and appreciated I am for that. The article is below here if you wanna go check it out and read more on it. 

Link to article on BuzzFeed

We also got a chance to see and hear awesome music by Michelle Boback as she performs as opening act with here hit single Mmm... Elias. What an amazing artists she is. I got a chance to meet Michelle back during the play named Flame. I attended back in November a play on love, loss and friendship. Michelle is such an amazing talent very sweet and cool love talking with her and watching her perform she is a true talent in deed. Coffe with John is an amazing play I absolutely loved it and think everyone should see it. I can't forget also thank you to Real Peel fruit snacks who provided a gummy snack for the guests at the event. The company founded by Aubrey Spigener based in Pasadena Texas the snacks were awesome. See pictures below from the event.

I hope you enjoyed this blog to all my readers. I will post pictures below from the event of all shots taken below till next time thanks and enjoy.

This was a great shot but it was taken with my cell so the clarity wasnt so great taken after my nikon battery died on me at the end of the event