My First Time Getting Strawberry Laser Lipo

Today I was cleaning up in my apartment and going through this goody bag, which was full of free samples and beauty products that I recieved from an event. Sometimes I go out to beauty events not always just for blogging but just to go to see what new products are out or to go to sample or see what is coming out in the market. Well anyways, so today I was doing some cleaning and by my surprise I found a free gift certificate in one of my makeup gift bags I had from an event. I also had a travel gift card that I got as a free gift that I will be using when I am ready to go vacay somewhere. Its interesting what you can find when cleaning and suddenly realizing you have all these wonderful forgotten gifts from all these different events, really cool. Disclaimer: This is not a paid blog post nor is it a sponsored post this is just a blog post on a treatment I recieved as a gift from a gift bag at an event I attended some time ago.

Today, I went in and met with doctor Don Stokes. When I walked in I was very excited to see how this strawberry treatment was gonna work. So I walked in, sat down, and was very anxious not really knowing what I was getting myself into. I thought strawberry laser lipo treatment sounded fancy, wow, no? When I got into the doctors office I was starting to feel a bit nervous knowing that I have never in my life gotten any kind of cosmetic beauty treatments besides weekly massages, but that doesnt count. Well, anyways so I started asking all kinds of questions. Now, this is how slow I am sorry, I didn't realize I was having a laser light going through my stomach that day. I was thinking it was more like cool sculpting. It's a funny thought considering laser is in the name of the treatment. Anyway, it was short and easy and it was not that bad. Don, my doctor, told me that he was the first to discover the strawberry laser lipo treatment. He taught other doctors how to do this procedure. All the other doctors, however, started charging very high prices for this treatment. Don nonethless sticks to a reasonable price and you only need maybe like 7 or 8 treatments. So I had 2 sections done on my stomach, the top and bottom of the midsection of my tummy. I was very scared at first, but I then thought this must be safe otherwise nobody would do it. Not to mention it is FDA Approved and I thouht I may as well try it out since I'm here now and I got a complimentary appoitment so I did it. And the result was pretty amazing, I lost 4.3 inches from the procedure, which is very hard to do as it usually takes one month to drop that from my waist after working out. So I was very pleased with the results, but not sure If I would wanna continue laser again. Maybe I can do the detox body wrap treatments they have or the drops, they definately have many different ways to loose weight. Since then I have now become a regular at working out and exersising daily to get back into top shape again. Thanks Doctor Don Stokes for helping me get a kick start on my new goals #stay fit starting now.