2nd Annual Clean Slate (A Pre Valentines Party)

@Threedayrule is back with another event name #CleanSlateParty  2nd Annual Clean Slate Ca A Pre Valentines Party. Tonight I attended with one my girlfriends as single women we went out to see what it was all about. Lots of people came out looking for a quick hook up, or just maybe looking to find love and get matched up with a possible soul mate. I got a chance to talk and sit down with two ladies at the event. One name Desiree, she and her girlfriend were sitting down having some champagne and chatting. So then I proceeded to head over and introduced myself and asked them what brought them out tonight. Desiree told me that she was looking to set her friend up on a date through the services the event had offered The Love Look an online dating photography service. She said that maybe the dating company can help her friend find love. I also talked with a gentlemen that was walking around checking out all the lady's and I asked him as well what brought you out to attend tonight's event. He replied and said he had attended an event with three day rule some time ago. He had been procrastinating on this only because they have a process form you need to fill out with a lot of personal details. He said he did not feel comfortable putting down his yearly annual income that he earned. So now he said he had a change of heart and wants to try it agin so he came back. So now he is ready to try it and fill out the necessary information.

The cool thing about the event 2nd Annual Clean Slate is that they had booths in different sections spread out everywhere. On one end was the personalized Haiku poem that was located on the west end of the bar. With the Haiku Guys and Gals. I decided to go over and have a talk with them to see how I could get a poem typed out for me. I introduced myself and he asked me what is my name and to please tell him something about myself. He also asked me to let him know how I am feeling, so I told him I am single, happy, and really just looking to find myself. So he wrote me a poem based on that and what I had just told him really cool. I got my own personalized poem. Then Straight across in front of the personalized poems you have the raffle giveaway for a new luxury car rental app called RYDE. They have everything from Lamborghinis to BMW X5 all kinds of cars to rent with this company. I had a chance to talk with them briefly and they gave me a $20 off gift card to use any time I decided to rent out a car with them very cool.

And next to the personalized poems was a stylist company called Bree Jacoby Style Concierge. The Company Founder: Bree Jacoby was very sweet and nice. I got a chance to chat with her and introduce my self. Bree explained to me in detail about the company and how it all works so they would come out to your house.They would also see what your style is, check out your previous clothes that you own in the closet. That way this helps them to get a feel for your style and look that you like. Then they go out alone to random retailers and shop and bring back racks of clothes. This way you can choose from all kinds of styles. You then have the option to go into the offices or they go back out to you, at your house for you to buy the clothes that they purchased from the retailers. Kind of cool right. Basically they are like a personalized stylist for you.The event was alot of fun and I had a great time.  Here are some pictures below that I took from the event.