Wealth Mastery & Mindset and Poker Tournament (City Gala)

Tonight was a very fun and productive evening, I went out to attend as media at the Wealth Mastery and Mindset City Gala. This event was held during Academy Awards Weekend. City Gala Celebrity Poker Tournament. The event was held during Golden Globes Weekend.This event was filled with two days of entrepreneurs an all star line up of speakers, with a celebrity poker tournament and party to raise funds for the non profit. About Ryan Long. Ryan Long has found philanthropy and life inspiration to be the ideal antidote for the hardships life has thrown at him. Ryan conceptualized City Gala in 2014 in order to assist startup, non- profit organizations obtain seed funding so that they could launch into a full-fledged business The idea was to bring highly visible, and influential individuals to speak on behalf of the charitable organizations, and attract large donors and sponsors. I was only able to attend one day which was the evening of January 7 2018. I had a great time, met lots of people, and connected, it was very fun. Lots of celebrities came out. I even got to meet and speak with Jennifer Elise Cox. We all know her as Jane Brady from the Brady Bunch. What is so funny is that I grew up watching that show.Loved that show. I probably knew every episode. I even remember the part where she felt like Marsha was getting lots of attention. And she felt like the left out middle sister. She goes Marsha, Marsha, Marsha. If you know the Brady Bunch you know that episode. I did a snap chat with her to show my fans on my snaps Jane  and she said that part. It was hilarious she is so cool, very sweet person. Love talking with her. Then later she went inside the other room to sit down and play some poker. Here are pictures below I got of Jennifer. And I also took one with her as well she was so cool loved her fun nice person.


Jane Brady of (Brady Bunch)

The event was very productive lots of networking and people every where. Tons of people confirmed to come out to toinght's event. The list of confirmed celebrities were: Carl Weathers, Jimmy Van Patten, Jeff Madsen, Jason Gedrick, Jimmy Della Valle, Romane Simon, Benito Martinez, Micah Fitzgerald, Jennifer Elise Cox, Tony Denison, Massi Furlan, Joseph Reitman, Lizzy Harrison, Bubba Ganter, Kate Linder, Tom Malloy, Scott Bailey just to name a few.  I saw so many people I haven't seen in some years back. I believe it was 2013.I went out to Carlos Ramzey Ramiros celebrity birth day bash in the highland n hollywood shopping center at the Cabo Cantina upstairs. He is the twin brother of the Napolean Dynamite actor Efrain Antonio Ramirez. So I attended his event and met Micah Fitgerald (Music Performer, And The Catalyst)  he played the bad guy in the  Drake music video the song called Hold On We're going Home. If you watch the video you will see him after the bad guys make the phone call to Drake hang up and they leave the building he comes out as a guard to watch her so she doesn't escape and looks at her as she is tied up scared. Then he takes off the hand cuffs on her. And Drake shows up, shooting up the place. Then she runs off. He dies at the end Drake shoots him. Great song and video. That was Micah Fitgerald so cool to get to chat with him again and see him after all these years.

                           Micah Fitzgerald

I feel like I have a story for every celebrity. Another one I have not seen in awhile Kate Linder she came out as well. Its been sometime since I have seen her as well. I grew up watching her cause my mom always watched The Young and The Restless it was everyday non stop in our household. So I knew who she was right away when I first saw her from way back when I first met her at the Roger Neals Oscar dinner and gifting suite. I remember her from watching her on TV. My mom loved that soap opera and that is how I got into watching it too. Great seeing Kate she looked beautiful as always loved her outfit she was wearing. Here she is below 

                                            Kate Linder

Ok I got more on others, but I am loosing track of the blog post. Its about the event, so getting back, they also had a silent auction. All the celebrities sat down to play poker at the tournament and drink. While they had an awesome band named WJM  that played. I met the lead singer William Lipton and his guitarist and drummer as well. They all performed and played while everyone was sitting down gambling. The ambiance was nice and very different. I enjoyed the music from the band what a great ambiance it was.

                                WJM Band

I also got to see actor Romane Simon, which I have not seen in so long.It was so great to see all these folks I havent seen in so long, reconnecting, catching up, and just having a great time. That is the best part about attending events. And the new networking as well, I got to meet Actor Bubba Ganter. Such a nice guy, so cool. So here are the rest of the pictures below from the event. Hope you all enjoyed my blog until next time Maryam xoxoxox