Sneak Peek (Desert Warrior) A Benghazi Story

Today was the run of Desert Warrior A Benghazi Story. I attended the play and had such a great time. The play, "The Dessert Warrior," directed by David Beatty, A based on true events account of actor Ross John Gosla and how life events that led up to a film that allegedly led to the infamous attack on the U.S Embassy in Benghazi in 2012. The play is an extraordinary one man show of 15 separate characters from Gosla's childhood and adulthood . There's even the acting out of the part of a male elk.

We see Gosla himself on stage going through stages of his early childhood with his father, moments with his friends and those who inspired him and touched him throughout his life. One of the magical and amusing moments was his reaction of his obsession with being a Jedi Warrior with his light saber. The perfect oral sounds he recreates of the imaginary light saber lends you to feeling his deep love of this fictional heroic figure. And we later feel his horror of mistakenly shooting  two make elks on two separate occasions and his disbelief he had made the mistake twice over. His rendition of the old wardrobe mistress on the movie set was hilariously played. And perhaps the most moving moment was his first hearing of the news of broadcast of the attack in Beghazi which he artfully recreates. If there is a common thread in this play it is Gosla's various regrets in his life. with the ultimate regret being revealed of his involvement in a movie that potentially inspired the unfortunate event played so hard on Gosla it led to him leaving the performance art completely. But through healing and forgiveness of himself he returned to his passion and was inspired once more. I would highly recommend seeing this play. Gosla's many funny and tragic characters will inspire and impress you. It goes without saying the Gosla's is a very talented actor that will delight anyone so fortune as to see him in action.

I wanna give you a bio on the director. David Beatty was born in Huntington Beach California. And attended college in Colorado and growing interest in acting led him to the theater department of Adams State University where he made his stage debut in Thornton Wilder's The Skin of our Teeth. Following graduation, he began his professional acting career at the Creede Repertory Theater and his work in theater,film and television has taken him all over the country and around the world. David has appeared in several television shows including The Wasteland, GET SPY, Criminal Minds, Lien On Me, Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and Beverly Hills 90210. In addition ,the the recent feature film adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde starring alongside Oscar winning actors Mickey Rooney and Margaret O' Brien. Stage productions include the US Premiere of Mark Ravenhill's The Cut, US Premiere of  Love and Money, Just to name a few today David is a working actor and filmmaker living in Los Angeles.

And a quick bio on Ross John Gosla hails from Arizona where he received his B.A, in Theatre from Arizona State. Focused on acting he performed in over a dozen plays and student films. Beyond performing he served a year as Producing Director at the student run Prism Theatre. After college, he was a founding member of the performance groups Orange Theatre Group Sindicated Productions. He recieved the Producer's Encore! Award at the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival for Desert Warrior. Recently, Gosla starred as the romantic lead in award-winning play The Flame. Ross will soon star as the lead in the feature film Intrigue and The Flame (adapted from the play),both slated to shoot 2018 as well as the narrator in the documentary Masculinity That Inspires Change for Amazon Prime, May 2018. Ross will direct the play Dealer's Choice by Patrick Marber (Closer) Fall 2018 at the Complex Theatres.

Here are pictures below of Ross while recreating the play live on stage 



Actor Ross John Gosla and Director David Beatty