Happy New Year 2018 is here

I can not believe how fast 2017 flew by, it is gone and now we are in a new year 2018. Happy New Year.  It is now time to start off fresh. Every one starts with a new plate of to do's new goals, new priorities, resolutions, and new drives. My list is super full and some goals are short term, some are long term, and some are just driven moves. So I don't know about you but its time to get moving on those hashtag new goal moves. Pick your moves and get going. For every year that passes by. I feel like I am slowly learning, and growing as a person in so many ways. I am so very grateful for certain people and friends in my life, and its great how as each year passes by. I am learning more, and more, new things. For example, I discovered something I never knew. And now I know about, its amazing, knowledge is great. When it comes to your career moves, and goals, drives and things that you want to do or created on your own. And even better, people can not stop you from doing you. And putting together your own things. It's interesting how people can be jealous, envious or even hate on you, or talk negatively on you, and waste time being in that way against you. Who does that, oh yeah hateful people. But you just have to know that they are not you, and they are not paying your bills, or taking care of you or your kid if you have any. The drive I have comes from knowing I have a kid. Even tho she is almost grown. No body takes care of me I do. I am single, free, and love my wonderful friends and family. I have goals to accomplish. As much as I love my life, I am not content until I have started my own goals, desires, and dream to be my own boss lady. Then I can start my own companies. We all have dreams in life. So never give up on them. People go threw hell and water back to accomplish things and never give up. That is how they make it so successfully. And everyone likes to have an open free schedule to do what they want, when they want. Cause you have your own business or businesses. It's a new year 2018 go after your heart's desires and do you, make business moves, real moves, real goals, real dreams.It does not matter how small. Whatever, just start, in time, it will grow, and build. Nobody built Rome over night. Go and make new 2018 resolutions. So how did you spend your new years celebration. For me I went to a private event/residence party and had a ball. I got so wasted its a new year of course. I am drinking till I pass out. This morning tho, I was feeling the after affects. Hung over city. I stayed in bed all day, when I did wake up. I just chilled all day. It feels like it is  zero below outside here in L.A. I opened the door, its freezing outside. And oh my goodness. Any how. I had a great time, I started off with my neighbor drinking, then I  had a small bottle of wine. Next I went over and had a fire ball shot then headed to the event with my friend. We had a little to much to drink. Well I think everyone did, its a new year, time to say goodbye 2017 and hello 2018. We are ready for change and a new year. With new beginnings. Thank you GOD for blessing us to make change and new goal moves in life amen and goodnight. Sincerely Maryam xoxoxoxo