Runway And The Post Group Production Suites Summer Blowout Party

Sorry for my delay on posting this . Today Aug 31 2017 I got a chance to go out and attend with publicist Miranda Spigener of episode Marisa Romanov. We attended this awesome event it was a building inside full of suites and theatre setting rooms you can rent out. Most people that go to reserve space are all in the field of producers, directors, screen writters, film and all kinds of entertainment film types and so on. It is known for most films and movies to come in and do some post productions on there projects before releasing it out. We even got to walk around and get a free tour of the inside of all the rooms. Alot of your favorite movies did post production there like Game Of Thrones Season 6 Post Productions, Stranger Things Season 1 Post Productions and many more.As we walked around touring the place we got to see all the rooms and meet alot of people It was such an amazing night soon as you enter you get 2 free drink tickets and there was a photo bomb booth my favorite as soon as you enter to take funny pictures with your friends. They also had a food truck with such amazing hamburgers. You could choose hamburger fries and a salad or hot dog fries and a salad. I got the hamburger so bomb you stand in line at the food truck and order what you want everything was complimentary food by The Greasy Wiener. I am assuming of course it was a promotion to get people to know about there food and company.They also had appetizers and lite snacks in the beginning when we first got there before the food truck which was later on in the evening. I definitely would love to eat there food again and I would recommend it.