Society Unici Casa

Today on Sep 23, 2017 I was able to go out and enjoy myself and have a good time at this event called Society Unici Casa. My friend Hayavi contacted me and said lets go you should definately blog about it so we ended up getting there, I'd say one hour and a half after it started and it was jammed pack, but I had such an awesome time. I was not wanting to go to cover but somehow ended up taking pictures all over the place and meeting great people such an eventful night of course. I had to bring the camera out and anyways Hayavi brought me in as media so I just wanted to have a good time and watch the show but hey it makes for a great blog post. I enjoyed it. Sorry for my honesty on my blogs I am just very straight forward on alot of things and to the point no harm intended just honest reviews. Anyways it was very entertaining watching all the media people get rilled up over squeezing in between people to get the perfect shot of all the models walking down the run way there was just so many people all over the place, consider yourself lukcy to get a good straight shot of these models there was hands out all over the place of everyone with there cell phones out taking selfies as the models walk down the runway. I managed to get some good shots here and there but I technically was not invited to cover my friend brought me in so I got what I could. And had such an awesome night, what a party it was.And really fun and exciting lots of models, designers, everyone was at this event it was crazy. The Society Unici was founded by architect, designer and event producer Micheal Foroutan. Michael had a dream of building this A-List Ambassador to help create guest lists of the most alluring and interesting people in Los Angeles the society unici guest list continues to grow with all his events becoming more and more lavish, with a network of great amazing talent everyone from fashion designers artist's and performers and models. Just a quick bio on Micheal and what an amazing night it was very memorable with tons of talented people and networking all over the place. I have created a collage of all the pictures below from the event also the short video clip I made you can check it out on my instagram handle at mshepardson hope you enjoyed this blog and all the pictures till next time good night.