The Disasters In the world

This is just a random blog topic today I felt like speaking on this subject because it is something that sits deep inside me. With all the chaos in the world its important to speak about things. I just think that people really need to start getting in tune with there spiritual side and your true being if you are already not. I always believe in prayer, and grew up spiritual and its just so sad with the Irma hurricane that took place all over Florida. Now people are dealing with the new Maria Hurricane that is category 5 out in Puerto Rico and Earthquakes in Mexico what is happening here. It was written in the bible that when the end of times comes this is exactly how it starts hurricanes, floods, earthquakes then plagues and so on, everything that was said is now, and it is absolutely devastating. I was talking about it with my friend the other day and he was even like wow whats going on now. And I just looked at him, like if you don't know than I don't know what to tell you. Now is the time for us as a people to take prayer seriously and be around love ones and cherish moments and good times with loved ones and be around people you care about and love because you may never see them again and take this very seriously, people are dying, loosing property and even going homeless. This is a real topic that should be taken seriously and its time to wake up and become spiritual learn the most high pray and stay faithful in life and GOD. We never know when its over not to be negative but things are only getting worse now whats next, its one thing after another. I truly feel all this is just gonna go around till disaster hits every city and country in the world. I hate to say that but look at things now and realize what is the truth and no the bible if you already don't. I hate to sound negative because I am not. I am hopeful, greatful and truly blessed, if I never accomplish anything in life at least I can say I enjoyed my life and met great people, friends and networked my butt off, and I am so blessed to see and be around people who care about me, love me and have helped me and developed me into the women I have grown into be. I think its time we as a people should change our hearts learn to be more loving caring and pray learn to build a relationship with GOD if you don't already talk to him on a daily now is the time to get serious about it, most people I no already are like that but there are some who don't belive in GOD or don't even pray just go about your daily lifes as if everything is just fine, that is definately not the way to live, one day it all ends and you have to stand up before the most high and you never even tried to talk to him before you lay your head down at night, that is so sad, so anyways I am done ranting just a blog to wake everyone up who is living a pretend life and think everything is handy dandy all day everyday. Just a tip for today try to do something nice once everyday for the next month, challenge yourself for example open the door for a stranger, give a homeless person a dollar, by someone who is hungry a meal or even say hi to a complete stranger who is walking down the street. Even compliment someone on the outfit that they are wearing today. Do something outside the box challenge yourself to be a loving caring person, the kind GOD would want us all to be or reflect onto each other with caring loving hearts even if you don't know someone. Hope this topic random blog can help someone reading it. Also learn to start praying for our nation pray for all the people in the world including your enemies. God bless you all and good night.