V.I.P MTV After Party (Music Showcase)

Today Aug 27 2017 MTV V.I.P after party and some of the best talent from different parts of the globe came out tonight to perform here . I met so many great talents who flew out to perform from all over the world. Wow I must say I was completely blown away by some of these amazing singers and talent from differents parts of the globe you would never even know how many great singers are out there in the world its amazing some of these artist really put on a show and brought down the house, amazing night, where do all these great talents come from, and why havent they been picked up by anyone yet or just made a way for themselves with that kind of talent omg wow. I met all kinds of great performers everyone from pop artists to elctro funk and hiphop music. Up first was Morena Holland Awesome voice and great performance. You can find her at her instagram at  https://www.instagram.com/mh_vocals/ .Then came Nate a.k.a WeAreNakd wow that man made me wanna dance he was tearing it up with his unique style of music I loved it. And the crowd was going crazy everyone was claping and into it. Here is his link you can find him on instagram here at   https://www.instagram.com/wearenakd/ Then this one chic came out omg this girl was blowing with her dance pop style music she just looked casual like a chic next door she made me wanna sing again I started rembering back when I started out as a singer. This song was hot she came out and started singing like that and didnt even look like she had a voice like that you can hear the song here she performed at this link  https://www.radiosparx.com/rsc/artist/sounds.cfm/artist_iid.10464

It was such a great night with so many great performances and talent.  I was not able to stay long though. I headed out a little after 10pm off to the next event my friend called me up to join him at the official Republic Records VMA After Party so i ended my night there. Very fun and entertaining night. I always love attending different styles of events networking and meeting new people it is what keeps me going.I am blessed to be able to keep following my passions and just keep growing and learning new things and making new friends everyday it is so crucial to always keep pushing and never giving up in your dreams even when things get rough or you just feel like well what am I doing you have to believe in your self and push through people in this day and age don't help you or make you nothing you have to go out there and make a way and learn your craft what ever that maybe obsorb knowledge meeet and learn new people grow and expand in all area's of the field you are intrested in becoming or doing. I can honestly say as a radio personnel, freelance photographer event media personnel. I have been around so many people from all walks of life and had so many fake promises it amazes me how people are. And you see the true person true colors and self of people once learning them and getting to know and be around people. I always believe anyone can be, do and achieve anything in life you want,whatever that may be.You can do it just start and move forward no matter how long it takes you don't wanna look back at your life and go I gave up or yeah it was a waste of time.If you want something you have to go and get it. There is no other way people can help you to an extent but you have to push and believe in yourself to go get what you want. I am slowly starting to relize for myself to just be independent because in the end, I will come out even bigger an better if I continue to push forward in the correct steps and continue to follow my path in blogging which I am still very new too but enjoying so much and learning it. I know it can open up a door of so much great adventure in so many ways. I absolutely love so much.