1st Annual i100Awards

On Sep 12 2017  I covered the i100Awards and had such an awesome time mingling and meeting so many wonderful folks. Lots of networking and interviews. The i100awards was an event put together for recognizing and bringing awareness to human trafficking.  And celebrating influencers, some of the top most influential and followed people on social media, with a reach of over 700 million viewers.I bet you did not know that girls so young even as young as 5 have been known to have been sold into child prostitution. So i100awards is bringing awareness to this subject and helping to make a difference and bring people together to help save a kid today. The event was filled with so much excitement so many people. And live music, food, snacks and drinks all night. Halfway into the night everyone gathered to sit around the stage as we watched clips on awareness on child prostitution that's been happening all over the globe with kids even as young as 5 years old this kind of subject is just very emotionally stressful to know that people are actually selling kids for prostitution and these kids are being forced into this life not knowing just thinking they are being promised a better life but instead they are being pimped,used and sold against there own will. We all gathered to  watch clips on the big projector screen on how it all happens and as they went out to catch the bad guys and stop this madness of children being sold into slavery. In the beginning of the night as the carpet opened up, I got to interview so many great talents from actors,singers to popular instagramer's,  painters, so many great talents came out to support and got interviewed on the red carpet. Although it said that several big names had been confirmed some of the talent I interviewed even said they had been excited and hoping to meet and get a glimpse of Kendrick Lamar who was confirmed to attend although so many wonderful A-Listers had been confirmed but I didn't see any of  them. There was a pre-event the day before which  they may have all attended that night I'm not so sure. I didn't come out  that day all the media was set to attend on Sep 12 2017. But the night was filed with so much great food,drinks and some other great surprises downstairs and lots of goodie bags as well for everyone at the end of the night. The mansion was just so huge and beautiful. They also ended the night with an auction but i was not able to stay for that it was getting very late i had to get home. But I must say I haven't had such a great night in a long time. It is  so cool when you get a whole bunch of industry people together in a room with food, drinks and just mingling so awesome it was the highlight of the night so grateful and happy that I got a chance to meet so many new and wonderful new people and talents.

The interviews are all here below so tune in to listen


Below are all the pictures from the event