Being A Brand Ambassador

I wanted to make a blog about brand ambassadors. I bet some of you are thinking what is that it sounds like a fancy name sounds important.Well a brand ambassador is someone who works for a company to promote there brand or products like a model. For example If you worked for Nike promoting a new shoe that came out that's not hit the markets yet. which is such a fun job because you can receive the product from the company to use, have, demonstrate or keep, if they allow you, which is really awesome. A female friend of mine has been a brand ambassador for years. I use to always be curious about it and now I got in as a brand ambasador because of her which is so cool and awesome. I guess you can say its similar to a social media influencer in a way but it is some what different influencers on social media recieve products for free and get a nice check as well to make a video or post a picture on there insta,twitter,and youtube handles of a product or brand that a company sends you to promote.But as a brand ambassador you do not do that they just work strictly at a location and promote like a model standing around showcasing a brand or product to clients in a store or business and get a regular pay, or they may also tour with the company to promote or go to events and promote, they also have food demonstrator brand ambassadors. Which I tried that before in the past which is ok but I like promo modeling brand ambassador gigs better. It can be a fun and exciting job but assignments can be any were from 1 day to 2 days one week 1 month 3 months and so on. I never knew much about it till my friend turnt me on to it which is why I am sharing it with you all. Some people do not have knowledge or know about it or even heard of that type of gig but would like to know about it more. So I wanted to blog about it. I can remember when I was working as a food demonstrator in a store sampling demos I met this lady she came to me she looked like a model and she said to me hey Im kind of like you I do the same type of job except I do not handle food like you, I just model a brand/product for different companies. I think you should do it to cause you are pretty and look like a model. I said oh really for who she said I am a Budweiser girl you should try it. I can remember she was trying to recruit me to come work to with her company at the time I really didn't put to much thought into it. But we exchanged numbers and I never applied but later realized it was a way more exciting and cooler type of  job than a brand ambassador food demonstrator was, which after awhile was boaring and you have to take several food handler test go through the whole hirring process it was work let me tell you. It was fun but I like promotiona modeling brand ambassador jobs way better now. I currently am getting ready to promote the new Samsung Note 8 cell phone. I am absolutely in love with my new phone and can not stay off it. The features are ridiculous its water and dust resistant you can submerge the phone in water for 30 whole minutes and take it out and its fine. It also has split screen so you can do two things at once on the screen. And it also has an S-pen that lets you take notes and write on the phone even if the screen is locked to off mode it still works.The camera is dual camera with the 4k resolution and live focus mode and so much more its amazing the phone has not even hit the market yet but will be out  to the public very soon in like a few days sep 15 2017 I believe is the release date to the the public and will be out in stores all over. Hope you enjoyed this random topic weekly blog. And hopefully it gave some use or knowledge to anyone who needed to know more about brand ambassadors