Making Good Men Great

Today I got a chance to go out and cover the introduction launch of Making Good Men Great. Gunter Swoboda was not able to attend due to not feeling well so his wife Lorin Josephson attended on his behalf instead. It was such a nice event a Q n A at the end was conducted if anyone had any questions. Later on I got to go back and interview Lorin on her husband's new book Making Good Men Great. My main question I was dying to ask her was what was Gunter's drive motivation and inspiration behind the making and creating of this book. And her response was Gunter's work and finding more and more young boys and adults in trouble. Looking at the statistics levels of suicide, self harm and violence that boys are experiencing and there behavior and the way they are not flourishing and they are suffering. So basically the inspiration was to help men think about what it is to become a man and be civil again. Below I have created a short clip also some pictures at the event for you to see  hope you all enjoy.

Lorin Josephson