Web Series Premiere Before I Got Famous

Thursday Aug 24,2017 I was invited to go out and cover The Web Series Before I Got Famous. I got a chance to meet up with the lead characters in the web series Anthony Ma and Camille Wormser. Tiago Ferreira the other lead was not at the event he was not able to make it out.I found out later on he was in Atlanta. I had such a great time. Before I got famous web series is about a gay actor immigrating from China to break into Hollywood. After the carpet we all got a chance to watch and screen several different episodes I really enjoyed it. The first episode was about Anthony Ma a young chinese man who leaves his small town in China with a dream to become a hollywood movie star. He rents an apartment to network and become famous. It all sounds simple until he relizes two scary truths. He is not the only handsome man out there, and he is not the only one who dreams about becoming a movie star. Of course, nothing will stop him, from becoming who he shall become. It was such an awesome event and I really enjoyed all the episodes we watched. After the screening was an awesome performance by pop artist named Junius Frey what an eventful and great networking event it was. A litte background on the lead actors. Camille Wormser is an actress from Santa Monica who started acting at the age of 6 as a cat in the musical Cats. And has been performing ever since. She currently studies acting at UCLA and has been in various short films and projects while enrolled in school. She has also been in several productions including the Laramie Project, Bright ideas and Eastern Standard. And  also studies improvisational comedy at Upright Citizens Brigade. Anthony Ma is a Taiwanese American actor, writer and filmmaker. Born and raised in Arcadia Ca, a suburb east of Los Angeles. While growing up, he inspired to be like Jim Carey and that is what influenced his passion for comedy and headaches for his poor mother. As an actor he has appeared in an array of projects for film,television and the internet. His past work includes a leading role in the rom-com feature "Love Arcadia", a recurring stint on ABC's "Scandal", NCI: Los Angeles","Castle", "The Mentalist",and featured in both seasons of YOMYOMF's  reality competition series"Internet Icon". So that is just a brief on the 2 actors from Before I Got Famous. Pictured below are some pics from the event.

                                 Maryam interviews Anthony Ma

MaryamShow Interviews Anthony Ma

                                                                                                                        Lead Actor Anthony Ma

Actor Anthony Ma

 Lead Actors Camille Wormser and Anthony Ma

Actors Camille Wormser and Anthony Ma

    Maryam Interviews Anthony Ma and Camille Wormser

                                                                Pop singer Junius Frey represents the spirit of Glam Rock Revival and Modern-Day Pop Electronica that is truly the future. He was there to perform shortly after the screening of Before I Got Famous. What an exciting night filled with so much talent he also had his dancers along with him I realy enjoyed his performance. Junius also came out with his friend Soda Pop who is also an aspiring singer pictured below with him here.

                                                                                                SodaPop                                           Junius Frey


Junius Frey Pictured here during his performance after the screening of Before I Got Famous

Junius Frey

                                                                                                                                   Junius Frey and dancers

Junius Frey and dancers

                                                                  Here is a moving collage of pictures from the event below