T-Mobile VIP Surfrider Foundation Event

I thought I would make this weeks blog simple, and just document the journey hope you enjoy the video below I made. Today I went out to attend the T-Mobile Surfrider Foundation Event, me and my peeps. The whole crew we went out had a good time. The Surfrider Foundation was created to help save our beaches. They belive that everyone should have access to have clean water to surf swim and play in. And I definately agree on that. I love water after all I am a pisces and my astrology sign is pisces a fish. Anyways the surfrider foundation what they do is test the waters for bacteria and toxins. They also restore healthy watersheds and protect local water supplies and also keep polution from reaching the ocean. I would definately agree that what they are doing is really awesome being that the california ocean does not appear to be so healthy. So I love this organization already and love what they are doing to help protect and keep are waters clean. So back to the event it was such an exciting and fun exhilirating evening with tons of free drinks food and appetizers all over the place we even got to see some of the new products that are for sell. I saw this one phone in the store it looked like the shape and size of an iphone 7 plus and it had a built in projector so you place it down and you can watch movies on it like a movie projector on a cell kind of cool. They also had this game at the venue I forget what its called its were you put on the mask and you stand inside this like cage thing and hold the rails and you get to feel like you are on a rollercoaster ride and it drops you.  Everyone I was with did it atleast once I think after we all had atleast one drink. I would recommend doing it normal cause when I was done I almost threw up i had a headahe and was a little bit dissy but it was fun I really enjoyed it. They also had these vegan sandwhiches that were so the  bomb and ahi tuni tacos with avocado paste and spicy mayo, waters, icecreams peanut butter,chocolate ,shorbet flavor and free alcohol, drinks and cocktails all night it was so much fun so of course I had to make a video and just let you get a sneak peek on all the excitement and see how much fun we all had it was very cool I always love hanging out with all my fiends and the crew its very fun we came out in a huge group I didnt manage to get everyone on the picture shot cause alot of people went home early before I took this group shot so there was like 4 or 5 more people missing on the group picture we took at the end hope you enjoy it.