11th annual Leimert Park Book Festival

  Jodi Baker Speaks @Leimert Park Book Festival

Today I got invited out with long time friend and Publicist Miranda Spigener and Tysha with studio 3 to help cover the 11th Annual Leimert Park Book Festival. Tons of great book authors one of them my favorite of course Jodi Baker was there speaking on the panel with tons of other authors as well talking about there books. I had a good time it was such a great event. Filled with conversations, author meet and greets, panel discussions, storytelling, arts and crafts, activities, food demonstrations and culinary exhibitors. Also educational exhibitors,book signings, and celebrity readings.I wasn't even aware of the event until the day of when I got invited last minute. It was on saturday Aug 19,2017 it was an all day event it started at 10:00am and went on until 6pm that evening. So many authors came out. Everyone from Book Autor Jodi Baker, Kim Coles from Living Single, Steve Barnes Twelve Days, Tananarive Due Ghost Summer just to name a few. I was excited to go out and attend and help out as well. Here are some pictures at the event listed below.

miranda spigener jodi baker and staff cordinator

Book Author Jodi Baker here speaking on panel

Jodi Baker Speaking @Leimert Park Book Festival

       Jodi Baker pictured here speaking at Book Festival

Jodi Baker talking at Book Festival @Leimert Park

Here is a video clip on Jodi Baker speaking on the panel of discussion 

Jodi speaks on the pannel of discussion at the Leimert Park Book Festival

Jodi is named Los Angeles Times Best Selling Book Author she was here today at the Leimert Park Book Festival here she is speaking she talked about how when she was a child back in school and her history teacher told all the kids its time to play and they all look like hugh whats that mean and by that he meant that everyone in the class was assigned to go out to the library and find little bits and pieces of different things on different subjects and topics that fascinated them and interest them and then come back to the class and tell all the students about it. So Jodi started off to find books on all sorts of studies and she could not seem to find anything in here library.  She went home after searching for books and no luck on finding anything and she told her dad are teacher gave us an assignment on finding something that fascinates us in history learn and read about it or whatever interests us, then go back and present it to our classmates and teacher. So they can then learn and gain the knowledge too. So then her dad pointed to her come here and took her hand off to library they went his library. And she said she stood there with her hands out while her dad piled book after book after book on to her arms and she was so excited sat down and read everything from the Black Panther Party, Malcolm X, Octavia Butler,Tony Morrison just to name a few of some books of people she read about. And how she was so very excited to go back to school and speak and talk on all the wonderful things she learned from reading all of these books. I thought that was an awesome story. I remember too when I was very young maybe 14 or so  my cousin she was such a book worm. Back then I never cared about books or reading as a kid but she use to get me into it but once I did it was amazing books are great to read I enjoy reading especially now.I think it helps you in so many ways and if its a great book it makes it that much easier I can remember the first book I read and I finished the entire book. I remember that scary guy IT the book IT and he had red hair and white face it was a scary movie. I saw it years ago and really liked it. I believe they have a haunted house on vine and hollywood blvd. it's that movie its called thats were IT Lives and you go online to register to walk threw it for free. I think they are remaking that movie or making another one part 2 not to sure. But yeah good movie that book was awesome too. 

Maryam got to meet Kim Coles of Living Single. Comedian,actress,speaker,author and coach

I also got to meet guess who Kim Coles from Living Single remember that show We Are Living Single. I use to love that show. I grew up watching her. I told her that too she just smiled and said oh yeah whats all this stuff ya got here all that equipment what do you do she asked me. She was so awesome humble and laid back, I love celebrities like that, you can just feel comfortable talking to them, the ones that are not rude at all she was so nice and cool I love her. Here is a picture I got with my camera of us here below.

Kim Coles @Leimert Park Book Festival
Maryam Shepardson meets Kim Coles

 Here is Kim Coles featured here after getting off the panel and discussion

Kim Coles

Below is a short video on Kim Coles speaking during the panel of discussion. Listen to what she says on here very deep real talk. I think anyone who has been through it in life can relate and understand what she is saying anyone who has been through life and still going and knows to just keep pushing and don't give up life can get real REAL FAST.

Inspiration this was real talk inspiring so inspiring