I got my name mentioned On An article in the Los Angeles Times

Later on in the day I received a call that I had a name mention on an article. And that I should go check it out. So when I did of course I was very much excited to see my name on an article in the Los Angeles Times. It was so cool and exciting. So when I finally saw it, I was so happy not only for the name mention but for Jodi Baker it was an article on her. Jodi was named  Los Angeles Times Best selling author and USA Today calls Jodi's debut novel Trust A good solid debut novel that has me wanting the Sequal. I met Jodi back in march or april of 2015 And also did her photo shoot. I found out later all those pictures I took have been released and showcased all over the place every were from Los Angeles Times, USA Today and some other publications. Jodi is such an amazing writer her books are Urban Fantasy Mythological type stories. I love that about her books. I always thought what if her book would be transformed into a movie that would be so cool. I want to see her book Trust on the big screen recreated into a movie like a kids movie it would be so amazing. I had such an awesome time shooting for Jodi she is an amazing and kind spirited person. I love her personality and enjoyed working and shooting for her. It is such an honor and so cool to see that all the work I did is featured all over different publication listings. Jodi also was on my radio program Maryam Show on WBKE Vegas Radio back when I was still living in Las Vegas she spoke about her book and how you can purchase one. And spoke on how she got started as a book author, what inspired her and so on. Such and amazing interview and we had such great conversation about her book Trust. You can find out more about Jodi Baker on her website at  http://www.jodibakerbooks.com/ 

Below here is the article that I got a name mention on

Jodi Baker L.A Times Article