MaryamShow Covers L.A Swim Week 2017

Today Aug 9, 2017 I got a chance to go out and cover as press @ the 2017 L.A Swim Week. And what an exciting night it was so many people tons of networking and great connections. Fashion shows are always my favorites lately.  You get to mingle with different designers and people in that industry of fashion which is always very cool. Some top designers came out today to showcase the different designs of their line. Top designer Cosmo and Nathalia, Mio Coral just to name a few. I also caught up with celebrity Phoebe Price which was in the audience and crowd at the event. I haven't seen her in years. I interviewed her back in 2013 @ her store in Beverly Hills  during my radio program that was alot of fun. She was there with her mother enjoying the fashion show. I got a chance to photograph her and also talk briefly with her about some of her new projects coming up so excited for you Phoebe. It was such an amazing night and even saw so many people that I haven't seen in a long time that was at the event as well.

l.a swim week models

Designs from Cosmo and Nathalia


2 featured

models here as   they strut the runway at l.a swim week



l.a swim week models



I got a chance to catch up with Cosmo from Cosmo and Nathalia and interview him after the show. You can also watch the full video on the event that I recorded that will be featured on here below

maryam meets cosmo.jpg


Maryam interviews Cosmo at L.A Swim Week Aug 9 2017

I just relized the other entire half of this interview was cut I have it here so I am just gonna write it out instead editting is to much right now its like 2: 30 in the am here in l.a ok 

Cosmo told me he is from New York City. He started off as a hair dresser doing celebrity hair and then moved to los angeles  to start working in a clothing store. He then wanted to get his hair license and then started designing clothes for Nsync the Looney's rap group and now  styles celebrities on the side and has 2 clothing stores on Melrose and Says he never went to school it was just his talent.

2 models wearing Mio Coral  pictured here as they pose after walking down the run way



Designs by Mio Coral from her swim wear collection. It was such an honor to be able to meet Katherine Moran she is the creater of Mio Coral. I caught up with her after the show as she went out to the red carpet to get more pics and mingle. I was able to get a interview with her. She was so nice  and so beautiful. I absolutely love her line of swim suits and all the models. The show was so amazing with all the unique styles and different designs.



                 Katherine Moran of Mio Coral

Katherine Moran of Mio Coral



                         Interview Below

Maryamshow interviews Katherine Moran Of Mio Coral

Here is a video so that you can see the event. That I put together and made for you all to view. Also some of the models were not all listed here on my site because  in the last twenty minutes of the show my camera cut off I had to recharge and totaly rushed out house and forgot to bring extra charge for the NIKON so I missed the very ending of the event for pictures and filming hope you all enjoy the video I made here below.