The Cost Of What You Wear

Sorry about the late posting I have been contemplating when to start and release this blog well there is no time like the present so here we are the blog is still very new so I will at least try to post once a week till I get going then it will be more frequently. Alright so lets get going. Today I received an invite to an exciting event called The Cost Of What You Wear. With special guest speaker Named Shahd Alshehail she is the co-founder of a global nonprofit called Project Just. They partner with different organizations that take on data and research about brands and ratings. They want to make sure that some of your top name brand clothes and company's that we all know so well just to name a few H&M, Gucci,Channel and so on.They monitor supply chains to make sure working conditions are right. And practice fair wages to the employees. I found this to be a very interesting night filled with tons of great networking and people from all walks of lifes as in other different organizations.Here is a video on the event below. Hope you enjoy.