Why I left WBKE Vegas Radio to move to los angeles

Why I left WBKE Vegas Radio to move to Los Angeles


I have always lived in Las Vegas I practicaly grew up there from 20 years of age to now. I decided one day I want to move back out to L.A so I did. The main reason for the move is to reconnect with people, friends and old contacts that I made in the past. I can definitely say it was a good decision and I am glad I am now here in Los Angeles happy with more time and freedom to focus on my career. I also have been doing some research on different radio stations out here in los angeles to start back on my program MaryamShow again. It's a show that caters to all talents everyone from indie artists to book authors, DJ's anyone with talent looking to get exposure. Even celebrities have been featured on my programs and interviewed by myself. Even though I have graduated from broadcasting school and mentored by some big names in the business. I never managed to get picked up by any major networks or well known radio stations. But I can definitely say the journey has been wonderful and such a blessing to me the knowledge and people I have connected with in the past have definitely molded me and made me into the person I have become today. With more knowledge and understanding of the business and radio field. I can now move forward knowing I don't have to be in with a major network to achieve and do the same things as the big names in the big networks. Online radio is almost exactly the same maybe a few different things and perks you get on a major network that you wont get independently working online radio but its very much similar and the same. I have always enjoyed living out in the greater los Angeles area and seem to always connect and meet new people every time I move or live out here. I have now decided to take my career to the next level by making this blog to daily blog things happening in my life why not it is a new kind of transformation. I have always heard about blogging but thought is it for me not sure but it is like a journal in a way you can document your journey and blog about different topics, subjects and things on a weekly basis. I am blessed with the journey and people who have taught me and came into my life and I never take people situations or things in general for granted. I have learned to just except things for what they are and try to learn from mistakes or faults or just anything if I don't understand well why did this happen or that or this situation did not turn out this way or that way well everything definitely happens for a reason and I am truly blessed to have learned all I have and I am still learning and growing and with all that being said I can now turn myself into an independent online blogger and working women. And now I can try to set myself apart and be my own boss I call the shots and run my own show. Which is wonderful why not be your own boss. Wouldn't you agree that it is better to work for yourself and live the life you always wanted not a nine to five were you have to work for anyone or company's,individuals that can fire you at any given time for any random nonsense. So I am now creating myself as an independent who has learned so much and growing more and more everyday.

                    XOXO Maryam Shepardson