Relax its sunday 5 things I like to do

Relax its

Relax its sunday 5 things I like to do


This is a lazy day post. I thought I would sit back and write about what it is I like to do on my free time. Well first I want to start by saying since I feel like I hardly have any time for anything or even time for myself or to reflect on life sometimes. That it is so awesome to have a day were you do absolutely nothing but chill relax whatever it is you enjoy doing so this is my day to just let go and breath its the last day of the week and its an enjoyable relaxing day.

here is the number one thing I love to do.

1. Lay around the house and just chill watch a little T.V catch up on my favorite shows like keeping up with the Kardashians lol I know everyone makes fun of me but I LooooooooooooooVvVVVeEEE that show Khloe is the main reason why I watch it love her personality she is the crazy wild don't give a kind of chic I love that about her. Anyways I also love talking on my cell phone and texting friends to catch up with see what they have been up too while looking at the T.V

2. I can not live without my laptop. I stay on it so much its a bad addiction even my room mate tells me she's sick of me on my laptop everyday. But I never say anything to her she stays on her cell watching her paid subscription to all the latest African movies that come out then she always tells me about the stories there is this one called the iPhone 7 girls lol what kind of names are those and also a show called  Facebook babes some strange movies weird names anyways kind of funny. So sitting on my laptop daily is another thing I like to do a lot.

3. When I have time I love playing with my baby niece October that is my everything my brothers little baby she is almost 2 now and just started walking. I'm always loving on her sometimes I forget she's not my baby but I'm so attached to here she is so adorable and cute I love her so much she reminds me of my Kayla when she was a baby. My daughter she is grown up now she is 17. But yeah my nieceie love her so much I call her my Geeee It's just baby talk I don't know what it means and then she repeats it she goes my Geeee and one day she kept saying it cause I was gone and I wasn't there for like weeks  and my sis in law knows I call her that all the time so she was laughing cause my brother was like what's a Geeee why is October keep saying Geee anyways

4. Eating junk food is my top 4 thing to do I get so tired of worrying about my weight it always goes up and down so I never deprive myself if I want to eat garbage one day I will. I also have a sweet tooth love milk chocolate.

5. Oh I can not forget my snapchat when I first started using that thing OMG craziness people thought I was nuts all those filters I made this one video it had every filter the alien the big nose the weird face I made a collage video looks like I went crazy it was hilarious looked like someone with bipolar disorder. I was talking and acting silly along with all the crazy filters that made it that more exciting. I actualy enjoy snapchat and I never been big on social media but I am slowly starting to like social media but snap its my favorite I haven't been on there as much lately but now I have to start back more frequently posting.