Pop Up Shop Event

  Maryam meets Alejandro creator of CASADO

Alejandro and Maryam


I delayed posting this it was an event back in March I got to attend a pop up shop. And meet alot of great designers and rappers that performed at the event. One designer that goes by the name of Alejandro creator of CASADO. He gave me one of his products As a gift. from his  website www.TheCasado.com  this beautiful wallet and money case  called (Python Skin) which sells at $120.oo  @ his site. So I decided to blog about it. and make this post,  Alejandro was one of the vendor's at the event. and had so many beautiful products for sale beanie hats, flip flops, with fur on them and so on.I really like the style and fashion of his line. his hats and the python skin are all made out of real snake skin. so that is what makes his line so unique the quality of the product and the designs are so awesome. The event was very chill and laid back and I got to meet a lot of great people. I loved all the performance and artist's that came out and performed at the event. Also the 2 Twin DJ's JAS  n NESS  were awesome I got a chance to talk and meet with them as well  and not to forget Gianni he put the event together he was the one that invited me out. He was so cool and humble. I always love networking and meeting new people at events you never know who you may meet or get connected to and that is what is so awesome about events is the networking you can do.I hope you all enjoyed this blog.  (This is not a sponsored or paid post ) this was a gift I received so I am blogging about the product.                                              

                 Python Skin featured below made out of real snake skin you can purchase this     @ www.TheCasado.com

Python Skin Wallet