CBS Studios The Green House Christmas Gala 2017

Today was a very exciting night and event. It was called the CBS Studios Green House Christmas Gala and green carpet event. I went out to cover as press. I must say it was such an amazing  and special night, not only did I get to see tons of great people, and eat good food and network. I had a great time as well. Among the guests at the event were Miranda Spigener -Sapon and her hubby and some of her key stars of the critically acclaimed The Flame 20th anniversary stage production that made The Los Angeles Times “Must Watch” LA Theatre Guide. The Flame will be adapted as a feature film with Spigener-Sapon attached to direct and its lead stars Ross Gosla and Michelle Boback reprising their roles  in the film this summer 2018. For more info: and

Michelle Boback as Reese Delaney of The Flame played lead, and her co-star, love interest new boyfriend in the play Ross Gosla, also known as Aaron Rose, came out to the gala and were among the green carpet arrivals. Also present at Green Carpet arrivals was Elias Toufexis, known as Adam Jensen in the critically acclaimed award winning Deus Ex video game series, recurring roles in SyFy’s hit series: The Expanse, Freeform’s Shadowhunters, SyFy’s Alphas, CW’s Supernatural and recently on CBS’s Star Trek: DIscovery more here:

I even got to see OnlyJame again he also was present at the green carpet arrivals.

you can catch him all over iHeartRadio, Spotify, Pandora and iTunes. He is a pop star originally from Chicago and is based in Los Angeles. His website is and his latest single “Everything” drops Dec. 11th catch video on YouTube here:                               PopStar OnlyJame was present for the Green Carpet arrivals at the CBS Studios and Greenhouse Christmas Gala. The event was very fun they had a photo booth inside so you could go in and take as many goofy pictures as you like, of course you know I had to make my way over and get some pictures. It was a lot of fun they had rain deer ears you could put on, or Santa Claus hats to wear, even just some random big hats as well. Soon as we got in the line it pilled up.Everyone getting ready to start eating for dinner, the food was amazing a lot to choose from. Something that caught my eyes was this waterfall drink stand of this pink juice thing. It was so cute the picture is here below.

fruit punch stand

Isn't this picture so eye popping it's like eye candy for your eyes so cute I had to get a picture of this and share it. Very cool, pretty, colorful and just looks nice. I really enjoyed the food as well.Just so much to choose from. I have to say the chicken kabobs with the peanut sauce. It was my favorite, and the salad on the side. I was tearing it up. And I went back for seconds like a pig. I eat so much, I am one of those people who loves food. I'm surprised I'm not a fat person. But any how, I also watch my weight to. So whenever I see I am looking a bit floppy, cause we all are human and sometimes we just eat and never even realize we are gaining weight. Then wham out of no where you are out of shape and then its like oops, how did this happen. My friend here as she is reaching for the chicken kabobs as I am telling her work it, work it, work that chicken kabob. Ok she thought I was crazy I was trying to get that shot lol. Did I do it. Well it looks good to me I'm ready to eat 


Look at all this amazing food. I know its making you hungry right, It's like food porn omg. I am hungry just looking at this picture of all the food. They had a lot chicken kabobs with peanut sauce, salad, these little sticks of fetta cheese tomato and olive on a stick, salami stuffed with like this mozzarella cheese stick inside and these little kiesh things, they were so good. I had like 3 of them, and all the cookies and desserts oh gosh to much food, and no alcohol tho, just regular drinks and teas,which was still amazing and good.Then after all that, we all sat down while eating they did a raffle give away of some things like movie dvds and some other stuff I will put pictures of gifts below for the raffle. The proceeds goes to a company called Act 1 that represents executives writers and producers.

cbs christmas gala food shots
more food at gala

Tons of people showed up to this event. It was starting to get very crowded so I quickly finished up taking all the pictures I needed. So I could go sit down to eat and listen to the raffle giveaway and the speakers up at the stage.

stage speakers cbs gala 2017 events

Featured here is the crew we got half the crew from the critically acclaimed play The Flame, also pictured below is pop star only Jame, blogger Laura Medina of The Arriviste and Writer Director Producer Miranda Spigener-Sapon with her hubby Felipe 

team miranda
raffle gifts

Well that is the end of the blog hope you all enjoyed please be sure to reference back to the links listed above on everyone and happy early holidays to all. Till next time xoxoxoxox