New Years Resolution

This year I am getting started early. Well only five days till the 1st of January 2018. And now it's time for me to get the ball rolling again. Everyone should have a new years resolution. I have many, and this year I'm buckling down to make some new moves on my own, and the main priority and focused one is of course my health and exercise. It is a must for me. I have mild health issues, my asthma of course is one I have struggled with since child hood. Luckily I grew out of it, but it still comes and goes. It's not even as bad as it use to be, when I was a teenager it was so extreme. I could barely walk up a hill after 3 steps, I was always having an attack. I had to keep an inhaler on me at all times. Any how, luckily that has worn off and is not anything like that anymore at all. I can jog up hills that go on inclines super fast, and be winded and still use my inhaler of course, but it actually keeps my lungs more open and stronger it seems. A lot of people with asthma get worse with exercise, its the opposite for me. It is strengthening my lungs a lot more. And it helps me feel more energized. I can also breathe a lot better. I must admit, I am usually very healthy about 4 to 5 months out the year, then I go back to just not exercising and forget that I still have to watch what I am eating. To maintain the weight I lost, and then still exercise at least 3 times a week continuously even after toning my self up and losing a few pounds. So this time around, I will be making sure to keep the tone on my body, and maintain it since I never can manage this. I get lazy like everyone does of course. After all I am human. I just decided that this time around I know exactly how to keep myself active, after I have been exercising for 2 to 3 months straight. I am getting back into class. I grew up in the arts, but only jazz and ballet. I never knew hip hop and love dance. My mom always kept me in class growing up, as I hit my middle twenty's I became friends with a choreographer in Las Vegas, and we became best friends for years. He eventually taught me hip hop, which is funny cause you would think it is an easy thing to learn. But I actually didn't have much rhythm at first. Funny right, but as I trained for a long time with him, back when I thought I was gonna be the next video girl lol. That never happened. I got very good  even my other teachers in jazz started complimenting me and how good I was becoming, telling me everything was so smooth and natural  when performing.  Anyways I always love to dance. I don't care how old I am. When music comes on I'm moving, its just who I am I guess. So I am gonna get my self back in the studio and train myself, and dance again taking hip hop class. I love taking class it reminds me to look in the mirror at my self. And see how I look. That is how I know I still look good, and I am in shape. It seems now a days the only time I look in the mirror is to get ready to go out to events, or chill with friends its not enough. I notice dancer's are continuously reminded to look at themselves in the mirror daily, when training. It helps you make sure you got the choreography down and are doing it correctly, you can't help but to look at yourself, so that helps I think. So find your resolution and stick with it. It's a new year and we are going into 2018. I can not even believe how fast this year just flew by. It's crazy, I am constantly reminded how old I am getting. For a women that is traumatizing, I wanna stay young forever. Well at least I guess I still look youthful and can pass for a younger looking person as I get older, so that's good. That is the beauty of taking care of your health early and continuing to watch every single thing you eat. And stay looking young. One good thing about eating right is that we as people need to be reminded that food is good, just find healthy stuff you like to eat. Then stick with it, that way it keeps you away from all the garbage you don't need to be eating. And just have a one day a week when you give yourself a time to eat literally anything you want. Like a cheat day once a week. You can do this, and still loose weight. I have done it before, and that way you don't fully deprive yourself of something you may want to eat and enjoy. So I hope this blog helps someone and stay focused.So find your resolution and get going the time is now MOVE. Sincerely Maryam xoxoxoxo