Christmas time and shopping

We all love this time of the year Christmas is here. I wanted to make a blog about Christmas, shopping and what Christmas time means to me. Well to me Christmas means spending tons of money on my spoiled child lol. Just kidding no but Christmas is the best year for me the time I get to spend with my family. Eat good, laugh and bond again with family you don't typically get to see often or spend time with. I grew up very family oriented so my family on my dad's side we always got together and had a huge family vacation for Christmas and everyone came together sat down and open gifts and eat really good. Since I got older and my parents separated we still carry on that tradition and continue doing it with just me and my siblings with all his family the wife and kid,me and my daughter my mom. And my brothers wife side of the family, which is a lot of people. We all come together on that day. Eat and open gifts. The best part for me is that I love the food. I can also document the fun times with family, the kids, eating, laughing and just having fun taking pictures. For my own memories and moments. To most people this time of the year is when everyone is broke cause after the holidays everyone spent so much money on gifts, shopping, food for cooking Christmas dinner with families and so on. But that's OK that is what its about, watching your family enjoy the holiday times. I always get on my snap chat occasionally during Christmas time. I have not even been on snap chat in months. To me I look at Christmas now as a time to really enjoy and embrace family or kids if you have any, or even relatives. I feel like Christmas is a time for children. Now that I have a teenager. I think it is a time to give and spoil your kids and family. And also just enjoy the memories and times with them. And watch as they open up gifts and get all excited. That's one of the best parts.Most people are rushing to the stores on the day before Christmas to make sure they have the stuffing and turkey for Christmas dinner, and all the last minute shopping. I admit, that's me sometimes, I will be quick to do some last minute shopping on Christmas. But honestly that is the worst time to go shop, only cause I did that last year, and the line in that store, ridiculous. It was miles long. Crazy, so make sure you at least have the gift shopping out of the way, otherwise you will be in for a surprise if you don't with all the lines. Sometimes even the grocery stores are the same way. My favorite Christmas drink is the eggnog, with the rum in it, so bomb. We have it every year. Even just the eggnog by itself is really good as well. I try to just enjoy Christmas and be grateful, cause I know some people who don't have anyone to celebrate with on Christmas. Meaning they are not in good talking terms with family or never have been close to loved ones, just years of know communication with siblings or parents because they never had good relations ever. So they basically have nothing to do with both parents which is sad to me. I can't imagine not being in good relationship with my parents they raised me, and loved me. But everyone has a different growing up story and some people never had the same so they choose to not be in good terms with family so in other words. I am just grateful for a  loving family even though I realize all families are some what dis-functional in my opinion. We all got problems but some choose to work them out and others just go on life never wanting to just lead a life alone. Well this is the end of my short blog till next time Merry Christmas and happy new year xoxoxMaryam