Be Your Own Girl Boss

Changing it up with a different kind of blog. I think that it is best for all women to be independent and go get your own, do your own thing, and be your own person. I have always been very independent growing up. I admit I was spoiled, but once it was time to grow up and move out. I always had like 2 jobs, and just grinding to be my own, but that is a whole other story. My point is as a women. I think it is a great thing to start your own business or company early on, and be independent. Look at it like this, most people wake up and work a nine to five. So that when you wake up to go to work you are going to full fill someone else's dream. Someone thought to themselves one day, and said I am gonna make a company called example a mom and pop shop and hire some employees, and they will come in and do all the work. And now you are that one who applied for that job, got it, and are now working everyday for that company. So wouldn't you rather wake up to that nine to five and go to work for yourself, and have people come and work for you. Well this is why I am writing this blog to encourage all women to be your own boss. And find something that you enjoy, or know about, have experience, or are passionate about. I have so many talents my self. That I have been working on but that's for another blog. I love independence, I've always been independent. Find your niche and follow it. Also turn your passions or career into a full time job. Have you ever noticed how many people have so many great talents but never use them or push forward with them, it does not take a lot, just start slow, and work your way into what ever it is you enjoy doing. Nothing is impossible in life. Now if you can get up and go to a nine to five to pay bills everyday, why can't you save up every check and put away something small to put towards your own company. Make plans to build and start your own thing, it all adds up in time. And saving's is key. Just my own thoughts and opinions.Well it only makes since to do this, why work for some one else's company, even if its a great job. It can even just be a stepping stone or a learning curve as well, everyone in life is capable. And you can be the next big company all on your own if you just try, and never give up on things. Why not do your own thing. I guess I get my adventurous thinking from my dad he was a very successful business man who started from nothing. I watched him basically transform into a business man as a kid it was very cool to experience and watch him transform, of course that is why I was so spoiled my parents always had money when I was a kid growing up. And it is kind of cool to know that my dad came from small beginnings. And just ridiculously became wealthy from a company he created all on his own, funny but true story, he saved up from building dog houses and that business was booming back when I was a baby. From there he started his own big company from the monies he made selling his dog houses, so weird but true story. So whenever I think of my dad and what he accomplished, it gives me a sense of wow, what an accomplishment. If my dad can do something so simple anyone can do this, just find something and go with it if it works. Hope this blog helps inspire someone trying to do something and make life changing career goals independently. Just remember we all have to start from somewhere things are not just given to you. Its called hard work so that you can play even harder in the end. Till next blog good night xoxoxoxo Maryam