Better Eating habits

Today I wanted to talk about eating patterns and how it is very necessary to change how you eat and what you eat. It really does make a difference when you take care and pay attention to what you feed inside your body. I have to admit I use to be very cautious on foods and my eating patterns but lately, I just been completely ignoring my health and eating patterns. So I feel like now is the best time if any to start changing my diet and really buckle down and pay attention to what I am eating. That way I can start feeling better and healthy also maybe loose a few pounds and tone up a bit. I believe it is very essential to really pay attention to your daily food intake .As people we are human and we love food some of us. Cause I know I fall victim to eating like a pig every now and then. I also believe in moderation as well if you are someone who just can not put down certain foods, well start off like this, maybe instead of a whole chocolate chip cookie, have half a cookie with your dinner this time, instead of a whole one. Start like this, that way you are not depriving your body or cutting off cold turkey. Its easier to start that way till your body finally stops wanting junk food. For those who just cant give up junk. I can remember when I was in my twenty's I was super athletic always and very picky with my diet and foods that I put in my body. I got so healthy that I trained my body to eat healthy that when I did try to eat like a bag of doritos I felt sick. It was the weirdest thing ever. I could not even eat chips without feeling sick.

Try to find healthy foods you actually enjoy eating and like that taste good. For example I love salads I have no idea why but I just do, any and all kinds, as long as it has ranch dressing or another one I really like on it. I can remember when I was pregnant with my daughter I ate salads like they were about to go out of style, my mom always had us going out to eat at buffets and all kinds of different style restaurants. I remember the only thing I ever wanted to eat was a huge bowl of salad, it was just like ice cream for me so weird right. I remember this one time I went up to the salad bar and had almost every topping you can imagine on my salad, and it was loaded with all kinds of good stuff, croutons, and my favorite dressing ranch. When I came to sit down all of my family they were laughing at me cause they never seen someone make a salad plate like that and finish the whole thing, and still want more lol. Oh yeah well back then I was feeding for 2 prego lol. Anyways I still love salads, even now. I can eat salads all day everyday if it was my choice. Salads are very good for you and its a good healthy snack to that I love eating. Another good snack is edamame, that I love it's my favorite everytime I have sushi. I have to order me some edamame, its a very good, salted, vegetable that I love as well.And of course sushi not everyone likes, but hey try it out you never know. I can remember when I was first introduced to sushi I didn't like it based on the way it looked. Not even knowing what it tasted like or anything. I can't remember who got me eating it one of my friends I think. But I am glad I did eat it cause wow sushi is so good depending on what kind of raw fish you like. Now the salmon raw stuff is nasty can't do it. But the tuna poke, ahi poke my favorite, I could live off that raw tuna all day you gotta try it so good. So this blog is just to let everyone know that it is important to take care of your self and your body cause if you don't do it who will. Love yourself, eat well, feed your body  and give it the essentials it needs to function right and stay healthy. Sincerely Maryam xoxoxo