Hollywood California Christmas Parade

Today my friend invited me to go walk out to sunset so we can watch the Christmas Parade here in Hollywood California. This is a parade that happens every year here in Los Angeles and is televised it usually takes place on the first Sunday right after thanks giving. I had a good time lots of flying floats, and celebrities came out also a lot of people dressed in costumes.


 Jermaine Dupri from The Rap Game Lifetime Network and  The Cast Of Riveras NBC Universos

I always love going to parades and watching. I remember when I was in a parade out in Alabama Montgomery years ago when I was a little girl. Our dance team had to be in the parade and I won't forget it cause it was so cold and we had to walk and twirl a baton for hours walking in a line and doing dance routines it was freezing. I had on this white sweater in hot pink writing said Tammy's Dance Academy Studio or something like that I forget the name of the school its no longer around now she closed her school down years ago but her name was Ms Tammy best dancer teacher ever I loved her. I trained with her for years we had recitals every year. I remember being the joker and this other girl was batman and we did a whole routine just me in her I was only 13 but that face paint was crazy I still remember it like yesterday funny how you remember certain memories as a kid especially if it has to do with dance or schooling. Fun times anyways here are some more pictures I took from the parade below.