Afrolicious Hair Expo Nov 5, 2017

Today on Sunday Nov 5, 2017 I went out and I covered as press at the Afrolicious Hair Expo. I was waiting for this event. I am all about natural beauty, especialy when it comes to black women and natural beauties and, hair products. Not to many people know I have been growing my hair out for years, or atleast trying to. It just seems to be taking years literally. Well it is hair and as we get older it grows differently for everyone. As a baby, my hair was to my butt. I never knew anyone could have hair that long, especialy ethnic women or mixed race women, since it seems to be so hard for hair to grow for ethnic races. But I slowly started realizing people say that and its so stero typical. All hair grows you just have to take care of it. Ethnic womens hair is so hard to grow, because if you look at all the ethnic women in todays society, most of us are damaging are hair, and its become a normal thing to do, that is why the hair does not get healthy so it can grow out. But now it has seemed to become a trend for all beautiful black ethnic women even mixed races to have long natural real hair. So many women are growing there hair out and doing the whole natural thing. I love that. Also it depends on the person and the hair type, as to how long and fast your hair can actually grow. My mom is from Kenya so you know she had her hair remedies she use to do on my head weekly, always deep conditioning, hena treatments like twice a month and even sometimes once a week, I can remember her using shea butter alot on my hair to.I guess that is why it was so long. But one day she chopped it off. I mean she really chopped it all off. I was only 5 years old. I wish I had that picture its in the baby book somewhere. I looked like a little monk, in meditation mode, sitting in the front yard of our house indian style with this big smile on my face, it was the most silly and ridiculous picture. I looked like a little boy she shaved my hair clear off my head, bald  a smooth head, no hair, nothing, she said she got tired of my hair. And it was just work taking care of it everyday.Well atleast it did grow back, but not to the original length that it was, only half way. And of course like most females, as I got into my teenager years, I started damaging my hair with relaxers and all that mess. Anyways my point is, I finaly went natural cut my own hair off to ear length and started wearing sew in weaves, different styles, until it slowly started growing. It's been 6 years now and it is only to bra strap length. I would like it atleast to my belly button, then I can cut it to the length I prefer. Anyways back to topic, so I went out to Afrolicious and got so many free sample products. I got 2 full bottles one of shampoo and one of some conditioner. Which smelled so good. Some bags of Kanekalon hair which is braiding hair by Rast A fri, some shea butter by kiss my butter  and some other sample things for hair. It seems more than anything shea butter is what I saw the most of at the hair expo, alot of vendors came out showcasing different shea butters from different brands and companys listed here below.



different types of raw shea butters, body butters, and some body scubs.

I had a realy great time at the afrolicious hair expo. They had a lot of great vendors and hair products at this event. They also had some african dresses and african barbie dolls so cute. They had a guest speaker that was a personnel trainer that came out and spoke some positive words to the audience and also an artist, male who recited a rap poetry. It was very cool, lots of great products for natural gurus and beauties. I decided to get my hair braided up with the hair I recieved and got a full head of cornrows. I will post it if not on here definately on my twitter or instagram. To showcase the kanekalon hair. Thanks Rast A fri for giving out sample hair to everyone at the event so awesome. I got a chance to meet alot of great companies and talk with them. One of the companies I spoke with was they had some awesome hot teas and some essential hair oils. I got a sample from them it was called revive this oil is amazing. I put some in my hair after a wash and deep conditioning with some leave in and it was tingling a bit, Cause the oils were penetrating into my hair shaft to help with circulation and growth of the hair. Next I massaged it in and let my hair air dry so I can get my cornrows installed in my head. It felt so good and relaxing to the scalp. This oil is an all in one, not only can you use it on your hair to help damaged hair, it is used to rid toxins as well, you can put it on the souls of the back of your foot it helps with stress from daily walking and helps tired feet. Or use it on your body as well, like your hair, it helps with itchy scalp, psoriasis, eczema and dandruff. I got a chance to try some of the tea they had out for sampling, it was so good. The botanical seven replenish herbal tea it helps to regulate your bowls and it restores the skin nails and hair as well good stuff. My friend that came out with me is a health freak like I use to be. I just need to get back into it again, I have been slacking. He purchased some black seed oil 100% pure organic cold pressed black cummin seed oil. The benefits of that product is ridiculous it helps with your immune system, gives you antioxidants, stops weight loss, supports immune system, and I can not forget my favorite, it is anti asthmatic. It  stops your ashtma. I have asthma but grew out of it, but still mildly have it, funny thing most people cant exersice hard with asthma. But when ever I am working out, I push to extremes like joggin up hills as fast as I can, then walking back down. But it seems to be better as I get older, I tried some of this black seed oil and its not bad. I may have to buy me some. It is good stuff helps with so many things in the body and cures alot of ilnesses and diseases as well. I use to be such a health junkie but I took a break. I need to start back in that direction again, I notice when I go extreme with things, I start to loose lots of weight, feel healthier over all, and just perform in different ways better. Health is so important and alot of people tend to loose track of taking care of the overall health and well being of the body, as we get older then we regret later not taking care of ourselfes, and eating right so it is essential, and is a must in todays world. Here are some more pictures from different vendors I met and talked with and all the products below.

The black cummin seed oil my friend purchased is featured here to the left just below the huge bottle its the one in the middle see the 3 bottles its the biggest one they also have different cocao butters as well for the skin

What a spectacular event, well worth going,so happy to have attended and met great people. Thank you to afrolicious hair expo. I am able to try out a new style on my hair and I got me some braiding hair extensions, and got my hair done also got some shampoo and conditioner, hair oil sample, conditioner samples, all kinds of cool things thank you for the invite, loved this event. Im not sure if this would be considered a sponsored post but yes I think so, I can call it that. Disclaimer: all gifts recieved were given to me as gifts to speak about and blog on. Everything mentioned on this post is my own opinons only.  Thanks afrolicious event Anything that has to do with natural beauty, beauty products, hair, skin, body, health related, I am always gonna be on top of it, love those types of events. I will now leave you all with the rest of the pictures from the event below. Thank you  and hope everyone enjoyed this blog post.