This Much

On Novemeber 2, 2017 I went out to cover the movie premiere This Much. A romantic comedy starring Ksenia Valenti, Richard Neil, Marcus Emanuel Mitchell, Dan Creed, Elizabeth Lamboy- Wilson Liz Ellie, Dan Jablons, Desi Desi G Ivanora, Lena Zhanik Nicole Carmela, David Weisenberg, Loanna Meli, Irina Voronina, Ed Regina, Amanda Maddox, Christian Calloway, Michelle Lukiman, and profuced by Glasscore Entertainment and Valenti Films. And I can not forget film director Nataliya Padilla for letting me come out to such an awesome event what a great time I had.Thank you so much I had such an awesome night.This movie was very good and I really loved it. The Lead actress Ksenia Valenti performing as a russian bride in the movie, she gets married and thinks she was in love but finds out her husband is a jerk and she does not love him and ends up falling for her teacher in her cooking class. I don't wanna give away the movie but I guess I am now, it was very good. Her husband runs for mayor and ends up winning as mayor, so he wants to hold up his reputation to everyone to think he is a loving man and married to a beautiful women, and the reality of it, is that he is also cheating on his wife and rude to her uncaring and says very mean things to her. She finally realizes that he may not really love her like she thought, and becomes annoyed and board with sitting home all day with nothing to do but watching T.V and shopping sprees. While he is out working, he gives her the credit cards to go on shopping sprees when ever she wants, and takes up a cooking class. She later falls for her teacher. This movie is so very good you have to go out and see it. After watching it this will make someone who wants marriage, not want marriage ever. Its funny, silly, crazy, movie all in one. The maid in the house ends up becoming friends with the lead actress as she becomes lonely, always at home waiting for her husband to come back from work to take her out to dinner, and he never shows up. Its really very good. It would be nice to have a husband to give his wife the credit card and say ok honey go shopping, I will see ya later. But they never hardly see each other, and it seems like its not a real love affair, and he just insults her the whole time, that she is russian, this and that really crazy. I can see why she was fed up with him after awhile of putting up with his lies and neglection. All that bad treatment thats terrible, and to think, so many women in the world probably are in a marriage for the wrong reasons, and actually put up with things for money or materialistic things. I don't know why. But  Ksenia Valenti the main actress, did not even care about the money it was not something she was ever after, she just wanted him to love her, communicate with her, spend time, and be the loving husband she thought she married. But at the end she ends up getting out of the marriage to later turn around and be with the teacher that she falls in love with, and he falls in love with her as well, very cute, sweet movie a must see. The event was awesome got a chance to meet alot of people and also met a very cool guy named Rex at the event awesome guy thanks for the conversation love meeting and chatting with new people always so fun and cool networking and mingling with new people. They had popcorn, candies, champagne and all kinds of other drinks as well for everyone at the event. I think movie premieres are one of my favorite types of events to attend only cause at the end you always get to watch the show, and be able to discuss and talk about the movie, then talk about what you thought about it. There was a part in the movie where when the husband went out for dinner with his wife they met up with one of his friends. Who also met a Russian women he really likes and it was so obvious she only just wanted his money. And he said to his friend the best part about having a russian women or wife who cant speak to much english is that they don't talk to much and they should just keep quite something along those lines. It was very ridiculous and rude can you imagine, wow I would have been divorced along time ago. Anyways you just have to go out and see it. Below are some pictures that I took from the event hope you enjoyed the blog Maryam