Why I want to change my blog

I wanted to write a random blog on here just talking about how I want to add to my blog some other categories. So I was thinking sometimes I don't always have time to go to events every time, or maybe I would like to experience or do other things, so I figure I should just add to my blog other topics like health, beauty, and travel for example. I like to find other topics of discussion my goal was to make this blog different by just writing about events any random events or red carpet functions I attend, but then I thought OK maybe that is now getting boring to me. I am some what indecisive in so many ways its crazy. I get board to easily and I don't know is this a good or a bad thing. I feel as if maybe something needs to be done differently. I am also not always the type of person that stays put in one place for to long unless I have a good reason to sit still. I love moving around and going to different locations as well, even though I do live in Los Angeles. I am a mover and shaker or I like to think so to an extent. I have so many things I am working on solo to for my own business type of adventures as well, on other things that have nothing to do with my blog, and I may need to move around from time to time for different reasons, so I think it would be a perfect idea for me to add traveling to this blog as well. Now that I am really trying to get back on track with excising, and really just working out, and taking better care of my health, and eating better all over again. I can now start sharing some of my favorite healthy snacks, shakes meals or whatever type of food I like to eat that is also healthy and tastes good.Or when I go somewhere or travel I can write about it. And one thing I would really like to talk about is my hair, and all my different styles, do's and or routines I do to it, I guess this would also be fun. Now I see why so many blogs add different topics to a blog its just so many things you can talk about. So If you run out of health ideas to talk about, then you go back to talk about something else. Same with events, then you can travel a bit talk about that too. So I hope you all enjoy this very short blog post on why I want to change my blog. And also to I can't forget I am still a radio personnel I just stop doing that for a small break and will soon be getting back into it again very soon actually, I believe I am starting back with a new Maryam Show syndicated on i heart radio this weekend, sometime but I will keep you updated on this as well so stay posted