The Flame

     Today on November 11 2017 I got a chance to attend and get some great shots at the play called The Flame. This is a story about a woman's journey through life, friendship, love, loss, and the triumph of the human spirit. This was such an amazing play written, directed and produced by Miranda Spigener Sapon. Let me give you some details and bio background on the actors and actresses in the play.


     The show includes a cast starring:  Michelle Boback as Reese Delaney.  Michelle is a 2-time ACTRA Awards nominee for her lead performance in the film 'Day Before Yesterday' with director Patricia Chica, and as Dr. Megan Reed in the video-game Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Mankind Divided. Her connection to video games doesn't end there, as she worked with Guenter Schulz and En Esch (of KMFDM-fame, Mortal Kombat soundtrack) on three of their solo albums as Slick Idiot. Her Sophomore album 'Release' with producer Beatchild.  She also has several hits on rotation like Dark Days and Save Me oniHeartRadio as a singer/songwriter.  Ross Gosla portrays Aaron Rose.  Gosla was recently praised by ArtsBeatLA for his debut one-man show "Desert Warrior" at the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival. Ross also co-starred in The Power of Forgiveness that debut at MIPTV/Cannes 2017. Playing the role of Sean Delaney is Andy Mizrahi who recently guest starred on Andy Cohen's Love Connection on Fox and was named one of People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive, 2015. Actor/Producer/Astronaut Pete Freeland joins the cast in the role of Thom. Pete recently recurred as Sheriff Thomas Gray in WGN America's "Outsiders", he guest-starred on "Criminal Minds", and lead in Netflix's mini-series "In the Name of God".  The supporting cast is: National TV Host Tysha Williams as Jana, Valentina Latyna (Training Day, The Power of Forgiveness) as Amelia Wintworth, Andrew Flores (WGN America's Salem, James Franco's 11/22/63) as Dr. Rubens, Vanessa Simon (El Rey) as Toni Moore, Jamie Goucher (John Dies at the End). Rahul Naulakha (Broken Mirror) as Cary Williams and Phillip Grayson as Franco.  AlexKrogedal is Stage Manager and will portray the role of ER Attendant.


     Miranda Spigener  a BFA Film Studies/Writing graduate, debuted her thesis film True at L'Entrepot Cinema in Paris. She later directed the PBS TV series Eat Art. Spigener-Sapon's documentary Walk On aired from 1999-2000 on TLC/Discovery Networks.  She also directed a poignant PSA commemorating the Vietnam Moving Wall Project that aired on ABC/CBS/NBC and Cable.  Later, Miranda directed/wrote the noir/fantasy Marisa Romanov which was part of the Official Shorts Selection of the 2001 International Venice Film Festival, earning Audience Choice and Alternate Selection at the 2001 Berlin Film Festival.  Recently, Spigener-Sapon directed The Power of Forgiveness which debuted at 2017 MIPTV/Cannes and THR announced Miranda as Showrunner/Creator  for the adaptation of Marisa Romanov as a noir/sci-fi cable series.


I really enjoyed the play and so happy that Miranda Spigener the producer, writter, and director of the play Flame invited me out to attend and be able to blog about it. This was one of those moments for me where I could actually visualize this play as a movie, it was good, and it got you emotional, to the point where you felt the characters emotions, pain, happiness and the sadness, even the times of joy and laughter. I really got into it and loved this play alot. Lots of people came out  also great networking and chatting really enjoyed it alot. This is a must see. It really touched me cause it was a play about a women who finds love then she looses it, just that quick from tragedy. And just watching it makes you realize in real life just how important people are in your everyday lives. Because life hits us, and then we realize, life is real, and things can change in a blink of an eye, to many people take things and people especially for granted, and that is not good. It makes you grateful and realize people can be here today, gone tomorrow type situation and that is real life, so it is great if we all could start embracing life situations and people and just live in the moment, except and be happy cause you just never know. The best part about the whole play is when Michelle Boback the lead character falls into such a deep sadness and depression but all along she has her friends right by her side lifting her up and reminding her that life goes on you have to pick yourself up and keep moving forward. No matter how ruff things get you must always remember to keep moving forward, and just know that he is now in a better place and keep praying for him and move on with your life this is how real life is and some people go through it with no one to help them and be by there side.  So they just give up on themselves, and on life and its just so sad, this is why it is so very important to have good friends in your life that no you, and care about you, your well being, to help lift you up in a time of need. So in life I know for me I have learned to just enjoy friends people situations and good times. I look at things different now only because I have been used and abused taken for granted and all kinds of whatever. So for me I just look at life like this, I just enjoy life and people situations and embrace moments cause that is all that they really are good times and memories that may be here today gone tomorrow nothing in life is guarantee you just live your life and enjoy and be grateful and blessed. I hope you all enjoyed my blog until next time good night xoxoxo Maryam