Kick Off To StyleCon @ Top Shop at the Grove

Today on Oct 8, 2017 It was the kick off to Stylecon @TopShop at the grove here in Los Angeles. Today was the day to bring awareness to this event so people know about it. This was a free event to anyone who wants to  register online at eventbrite. Since I am all so new to the whole blogging influencer and social media world, I thought I wanna go see what this is all about. I never heard about this event and it seemed like something very fun and interesting, so I went out and attended, and what an awesome event it was, even just for an introduction event it was amazing and so much fun. I even got to meet two sisters that are youtubers and we exchanged information which was so cool. I love networking and meeting new people. I am such a social person I can't help it. I guess its my personality. I have had so many people tell me, I have never met anyone like you. The way you can just go up to anyone and just start a conversation and make friends not to many people will do that well, I guess that is what makes me different. I am not afraid to mingle and connect to new people. I actually enjoy it. I guess that is why I have so many friends lol. Anyways, So StyleCon If you never heard of it let me tell you what it is, stylecon was created by founders Irene Martino and Robyn Grant. They put together a platform to bring all things style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, wellness, even health and fitness. So yes this means calling all social media influencers, bloggers, brands and even new trending brands a network of people that come together. I am all so new to this whole scene but have always been some what curious about it and learning more in depth in detail on it, now that I am a new blogger, this is a perfect opportunity for me to learn and understand more about the whole influencer and blogging world from top influencers and different speakers to come in and speak about topics such as starting a blog and so forth, which is all so exciting and fun for me. They will have the actual Style Con event that is taking place in Orange County on Nov 4, 2017 at the Hangar at the OC Fair and Event Center in Orange County. You get to come and meet your favorite social media celebrities and bloggers, influencers and listen to a panel discussion on the beauty of empowerment with keynote speakers and also get pampered at one of many style and beauty stations. If you want to attend this event on November 4 2017 you can order your tickets online at or eventbrite. I'm gonna try to go to the actual event, but the kickoff event left an impression on me so I'm sure the actual event will be amazing, and I cant wait. I had such a great time at the kick off event. As soon as you walked in they hand you a goodie bag at the door and they check you inn. When you walk inn they had tables/booths set up with products from different brands of samples everything from face spritzers to massage lotions for your face, health juices, sparkling juices granola snacks,protein bars all kinds of fun gifts for you to have. They even had a booth to sit down and get your hair done. I watched 2 ladies get there hair blown out and straightened which was all so very cool. This was all just a little sneak peek of whats to come at the actual event. And I am sure its gonna be amazing. So you don't wanna miss your chance to attend this event, if you are into the whole blogging world and influencer scene its open to everyone from known influencers and bloggers to unknown newbies learning the biz so get ready for an amazing event guys. You definitely don't wanna miss. I also got some pictures to share with you from the event below. I was so caught up talking to everyone, I forgot to get the shot of all the people at once, when everyone pilled in the event, so I got what I can and will link it below. and ladies let me tell you before I forget, if you are anything like me and love clothes and shopping you have to go check out Top Shop at the grove this is the venue where the kickoff stylecon took place at, the clothes in that store OMG! I was ready to go shopping shoes so cute, clothes, tops, pants, wow. I'm definitely going to be going back when its time for me to go clothing shopping beautiful clothes and shoes everything is on point and its a 2 level building with 2 levels of shopping, you have to check it out anytime you head over to the grove. All the pictures I took are featured below. I got a few not to many hope you enjoyed this blog. And thank you to all my new readers. I notice my blog is starting to pick up traffic so I got super excited when I noticed that over the past month please feel free to comment below on any of my posts Maryam Shepardson