Why I'm single and relationships (random blog)

Ok so I get so tired of everyone asking me why I am single so here we go. Let me talk to you all for a minute. Let me just put this out here real quick. I love being alone and single, cause I can just chill, and I have so many friends anyways, so it helps, but at the same time. I really, really,really, really, really, really, really, really, really WANT A HUSBAND. In time, just being honest. I'm old not a young buck no more. But I don't want just any ol' body either. I need someone either in the same field as me or we have similar passions or some interests similarities that's the same so we make since in each others life. And no I am in no way rushing anything trust me. I want a boyfriend first but you no its funny, I been doing the whole dating thing and I am just realizing that it really does take a special kind of man to handle a woman like me. I am not the easiest to deal with at times, but I am open to alot of things I am very understanding and love communicating and that is a big thing for me in relationships is communication and being able to talk to each other correctly and respectfully and just being fair to each other and not taking anything or anyone for granted like the last guy I was just with recently, don't wanna put him on blast because I won't, but I will tell you that we came so close to a real long term relationship, but then some things that we did not see eye to eye on caused us to break up and the truth of the matter is I actually really liked him and we were getting very close but we just recently broke up anyways everything happens for a reason. And I also wanna say to that if you are with someone and yes it will not be perfect everyday and you all will get upset with each other over something so petty and cant even talk it out that is another mistake alot of couples make in relationships then they are done and break up how childish is that. I no we are all humans, no one is perfect, but I believe if you learn your partner, know each other, and each others personalities it helps, so you can communicate and get along well and if something goes wrong, you talk it out to make it work and move forward that is how it works in the real world if you want a long term relationship any how. I am doing so much right now and just happy that I am becoming my own woman independent and learning this whole blogging world.It is quite a responsibility for me and it helps me with my time, so anyway in time, I will find the right person till then I am not rushing to get trapped in a love affair with the wrong man. And I was also thinking about expanding my blog to add a few more categories not just events but maybe travel and beauty since I move around alot and I also am into hair and growing it out my hair journey now has been about 5 and half to 6 years of growing my real hair and its pretty long. I just never wear it out cause I want it a bit longer, then I will. And traveling is always fun cause I can go to different locations and experience all the foods and people culture and travel spots before the entire world gets destroyed by all the hurricanes and chaos happening in this world I need to hurry up, anyways hope you enjoyed this random topic on relationships and why I'm single. Please feel free to comment below on any of my posts thanks Maryam Shepardson