Celebs In Fashion3

On Sep 30 2017 around 6pm I got to go out and attend the CelebsInFashion3 with a performance by MilaJ. It was such an eventful night tons of designers showcasing some of the latest fashions of there line and models and several other artists came out to perform as well. I had a great time and met alot of great people so lets get to it some of the talent that performed that night one was a young lady named Jazmen Safina this sultry R&B Neo Soul and Pop artist she was awesome she came out and performed a couple songs one which she says she dedicated to her ex that broke up with her then she says, I don't know why I was crying over him  anyways. Go head girl cant cry over spoiled milk if they are not in your life now and they didn't try to fight to keep the relationship alive then that relationship was a waste of time it takes 2. Anyways she was an awesome performer she came up on stage just on time as they announced her name she literally walked into the building straight out the uber in the door to come up and perform immediately, talk about an entrance perfect timing had it been a few minutes past she would have been off Que lol anyways great performer. Up next was an artist who goes by the name of Johnnie Floss lives in New York City also a great artist so many great talents that night and we also had artist Langston Theard with his urban style music so many great talents. And lots of vendors showcasing there lines and designs like Reason4riotthat says they provide a need for individuals to express themselves in a way that goes far against the grain of fashion, Influence of a new generational artistic frame of thought are upon us. And the next designer was host Jae Chardell of Exquisite Women she says she hates that as women we are always tearing each other down and that she hopes to bring across empowerment of uplifting beautiful women because we are all so beautiful with her line called Exquisite Women that is so awesome I agree with that 100 and we should lift each other up not compete, fight and hate one another that is just so tacky to be that way. And plenty other designers as well. I didn't get to meet everyone so if I missed announcing you on here I don't think I spoke to you after the show so sorry but everyone was so awesome and great and at the end of the night they brought out a special celebrity guest and performance by Mila J she came out and killed it she was really cool great talent voice and so nice and friendly below I will post all the pictures I took from the event hope you enjoy this post thank you Maryam Shepardson