The Journey Is The Destination

This drama filled packed movie was so awesome a must see. Today I was able to go out and cover as media, thank you to publicist Hilary who was kind enough to invite me as press thank you so much. She is so awesome and sweet. The movie "The Journey Is The Destination" is based on a true story. It's about a young journalist and photographer named Dan Eldon who got killed at the age of 22 by an angry mob of Somalians. This is a guy who made a world of difference to the people of Somalia, he set out to help them, while they were starving with no clean water, and no medicine for the sick, and at war. This movie touched me in so many ways, being that I am part African, half Kenyan Nairobi and white. But luckily the Kenyans did not have an issue of being poor, actually my family on my moms side were all well off and rich. I went to Kenya as a kid for a vacation at the age of 12. To meet all of my family.I will never forget it only because I got so sick and threw up for days, my mom and all my family were so worried and scared they gave me some medicine and it stopped me from being sick. And also help me get better. I later found out I caught a case of mill aria, crazy right. But I am OK and I took all those shots they give you before traveling out to another country, but I guess they didn't help much, anyways.I can remember going to my moms sisters house and playing outside in the backyard with the house dog, and that back yard went out for miles. I never saw where it ended, that is how much land they owned and they had house maids and I could not understand why anyone would pay for someone to be a maid in there house, it was all so weird to me. My mother told me that Somalia is very dangerous and a lot of them would travel and go by boat to different countries to kill people with money and shoot and rob them because they have been so poor for so long. The Kenyans use to take in the Somalian refugees and help them with food. This movie was so good to me, because it was about a young man who set out to make a difference with his talents in the world by helping these people in another country that had nothing, and never even knew a life with money or materialistic things or clean water even. Which is so crazy to even try to imagine living like this if you never experienced such a life at the same time its so very depressing and sad. I remember the part in the movie when they were all dancing and celebrating with music, and having fun cause they just finished giving and donating to the Somalian people, money for a new well, and money for food, and medicine, and it was closer to night fall and then the guns started shooting off, with the helicopters flying over head, shooting down into the town of all the Somalians cause now they are at war again, and they all stopped to look up and see whats happening then turn to each other in fear, scared holding each other. Can you even imagine waking up everyday of your life to run from bullets, people shooting at you to kill you, on top of that you have not eaten, you have no food, or even clean water to drink, you basically wake up to survive living each day step at a time, not knowing if you will die tomorrow, or live one more day, its so traumatic and devastating. The actor Ben Schnetzer really did an awesome job channeling the character and playing the role of Dan Eldon. Although I did not get to meet the actor on the day of the movie premiere he was not there. He was in production in another country, but I did get to meet and interview his partner in crime in the movie named  Gugun Deep Singh and what an awesome guy, so cool and laid back. I really enjoyed talking with him. And getting an interview with him, which I will link down below here for everyone to tune in and listen too. I love finding events to blog about that are things that make sense, real life stuff that's happening in this world, or real events that are making a difference in our world.With all the hate, evilness, and war, fighting's, and killings, in the entire world, it is good to be able to push out content to post that can help people, or make someone listen, or change, or just be better in some way, its to much madness and craziness in this world as a whole, why not find lots of positiveness to talk about, or post on. It's just better in my own personal opinion. At the end of this movie, I was in tears, literally crying and trying not too so much. But you can not help but to get emotional after watching this movie. If you are a person with feelings and a heart this is a very, very good movie and I am so honored to have got a chance to watch it, and meet some of the cast of this wonderful movie. Another lady next to me was balling so hard, this is how you know a movie is good if you can walk away with some kind of strong emotions, yeah I'd say they did there job that movie touched people, in a big way so good, so awesome, so inspiring you just have to go see it. I hope you all enjoyed this blog thank you all and till next time bye bye