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Today on Oct 22, 2017 I was invited to an event called All Of Us Cosmetics. It was the launch party and color bff open house. It was the launch to kick off and introduce everyone to the new machine they have created.That is something so unique and amazing. This machine will find your correct color foundation for your face. So ladies, I wanna know do you ever have problems trying to find the correct shade of your skin tone, on your face when it comes to matching up the liquid foundation you apply. Well I know I do. I usually always buy like two different shades, one dark and one light, and mix them together to blend my correct shade or tone. Or I will just try a few different shades and just randomly pick the color shade that is close to what I think is my correct skin tone, and go with that. But If you are a female, love beauty, and makeup, and no how difficult it is for some of us to find our correct face color, or match the tone of makeup foundation, than you will love this new machine by All Of Us Cosmetics. The demo machine, here is linked to a notepad you just stand still with a clear clean face at the camera, hit start it takes your picture. Then when its done snapping your face shot, it asks you to click the arrow any were on your face, and it grabs like 3 colors from the machine, and randomly guesses the accurate colors that match your skin tone, so cool. This is not what the actual machine will look like, its just the demo to give you an idea and get the jist of what it will kind of look like. But it will be more like a vending machine deal.Here is a picture below to give you an idea of how this machine works. This is just a test machine for show Christina is still working along side the production engineer who is working on getting it out soon so stay posted on it here is a picture below of how it works.


And you are able to use any brand, so what will happen is this machine, once out and released, will be out in malls in a city near you. It will have up to 6 brands of foundation, everything from mac, Fenty, too faced, bobbi brown just to name a few, and it will give you options to choose from, if you want skin sensitive foundation, long wearing foundation,organic these are just some of the options of coverage that will be available in the machine. The machine is still in the process of coming out very soon, this was the launch that Christina the founder invited me to,that gives you a sneak peak of what to expect, how it will work, and how unique this machine really is. I guarantee a lot of women, have a problem when it comes to finding your correct color tone of the foundation you choose for your face everyday. I know I do, cause sometimes, if I go to light my friends always notice and will be like that color is way to light on you. I can tell, or you went to dark, you don't know how many times I have heard my friends say that to me. That is why lately, I almost always purchase 2 tubes of foundation to mix the color, so that way its more accurate, but now that this new machine is coming out to help you with this. I can not wait to start using it. This machine will be the next hot thing, cause all you do is sit down, pick your options, the kind of brand you want and if you need a certain type of coverage and it dispenses it out into these nice tube bottles. I actually got a chance to sit down and try the machine. They had top celebrity makeup artist Kimmi was there and did my make up. I sat down and she wiped off half of my face and had me sit down at the machine and it chooses 3 colors from 5 that where hooked to the machine that matched my tone perfectly. It was so cool and looked more natural compared to my actual makeup, I had put on my face that day,I was pretty shocked and impressed by this. I really am excited and can't wait to try this out. I also got a chance to come out and meet CEO founder Christina Wang and her partner Aj Ezzour and learn about this awesome machine that is almost ready to be released. The linked  you tube video is below to give you more of an idea of how this wonderful machine works.Here are some more pictures below.

makeup artist kimmi

Here is the link to watch the youtube video on this amazing machine

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