The New Levi Jacket with a smart sleeve Launch

Today Sep 30 2017 was the launch and guess who got invited to cover yes me so happy to announce that Levi and google have come together to bring you the Commuter Trucker Levi Jacquard Jacket. This jacket is made specifically for cyclists so it helps you to keep your eyes on the road and also helps with less distraction while you are ridding your bicycle. The Jacket made for cyclists and connects to your smart phone by a Bluetooth app and has intelligent copassitive fibers woven into the jacket to allow you to just swipe, double tap, or brush in, it has about 3 to 4 core gestures you can use. The cuff will vibrate if you have an incoming message so it acts almost similar to a smart phone. It allows you to play music and listen to it while you are ridding in your bike down the road with just a swipe or touch. And it gives you directions on your next step on which way to go all from the sleeve of your jacket, so easy and convenient, this new jacket is amazing and awesome it runs for 350.00 dollars and has some built in water resistance and reflectors on the back sides and back collar under neck as well. You can take off the little cuff thingy and pop it in the wash and just wash it like any regular garment.Its said to last up to ten washes. In the beginning we got a chance to listen to some great guest speakers that came out to speak about the jacket. Claire Evans musician and writer, Paul Dillinger head of global project relations @ Levi,  Reggie Watts musician, comedian, and actor, Josh Peskowitz owner and operator of magasin la and a former buyer for blooming dales and last but not least Ivan Poupyrev Senior Director of Engineering at google advanced technology and project division. They all sat down and talked about the new Levi Commuter Jackets and all its features how it works, what it can do and how easy it is to link to an app on bluetooth that connects to your smartphone. At the end the audience got to ask questions one was of course the durability of this jacket and as I mentioned earlier it lasts up to 10 washes but keep in mind it is a smart jacket so it can go past 10 washes but they say at least up to 10 so its not gonna explode or blow up past ten washes as Ivan said the jacket is sturdy and very durable and last a good long time. Let me not forget to mention all the great food/appetizers that they had as well at this event. It was so deli sh and awesome. They had so much great appetizers floating around this event, they had these little spring type wraps with lettuce and tofu and dressing in a little cup, if you have ever had a spring roll with that wrap that's kind of like a clear see through edible paper thingy than you know what I am talking about. Then they had some shrimp skewers,  Also this mushroom wrapped pork skewer thing so good. And this little square like a crab cake patty it was pretty good so many options. And for the drinks they had your choice of water Perrier 2 types of beer one called villager, I cant remember the other one and some scribe chardonnay. You no me if they have drinks I'm drinking. lol I had so much wine omg that day. I was definitely feeling it by the time I left out of that building, but its ok. I know how to control my drinks so I don't go over board on my drinking I no better. And Of course before all the drinking got started I got to get that interview at the end of the speakers and Q an A they had with Paul Dillinger head of global project relations @ Levi,  I got a quick interview on him about the new Levi Commuter Jacket. I will link the interview here below so you can tune in and listen to it. I must admit I love all these events and just attending networking meeting new people mingling eating drinking and talking with everyone, it is so awesome when you can go out attend these types of functions and connect with other people in the same fields or even different fields and learn new things and communicate make friends and so on. So I hope you enjoyed this blog on the new Levi Commuter Jacket. I will also link all the pictures I took at the event. I will link them below along with the interview with Paul. Let me not forget to mention among the people that attended the levi launch was Celebrity Actor and Astronaut Pete Freeland who is known on Greys Anatomy, Criminal Minds just to name a few. The day was so awesome and so many talented great people gathered to celebrate the launch of this amazing new Levi Jacket.

Maryam Interviews Paul Dillinger Designer and Head of Global Product Relation @ Levi