Style Fashion Week Los Angeles #STYLEFW

Are you all ready. Today on Oct 12 2017 I came out to style fashion week. I got invited to cover as press/media. I may be the only one blogging about the style fashion week l.a while others are submitting in photos to be in all the big magazine publications to compete to see who gets picked to have their pictures featured on all the big publication magazines. Well you no me always trying different things and I honestly think my pictures would not get picked only cause I was shooting to blog not to submit to magazines and I no I did not have the right lens for the fashion photography shots that they want any how.So I blogged this instead here we go. Are you ready well Style Fashion Week L.A is here and now its over hope you all didn't miss it. If you did, I will be talking about it here on my blog. So Today was day one for me at Style Fashion Week. I went out to cover as press and got some amazing shots. Wow the designs, models, singers and all the different styles of performances was so very amazing. I decided since I took way to many pictures, I would only showcase random by choice designers, models and clothing that was all showcased at the style week. I got some amazing pictures. What a very entertaining night I had. I only managed to go out on opening night and start of the actual fashion show which was on Oct 12 and closing night Oct 15 2017. So I only covered 2 nights. I had so much going on, I could not attend all 5 days. But every day I went was well worth it, I even ran into so many friends and networked a ton, and also got to meet and mingle with lots of new people. So I have to start off with Marco Marco, because he came out on the last day Oct 15 2017 and man let me tell you his models put on a show. When I say they put on a show they brought it. Everything from back flips to dancing all kind of moves on that stage they didn't walk the runway or catwalk, should I say, they strutted down that catwalk in style and had everyone screaming all hollering.  Here are some pictures below. Then on to the next act. 

                    Designs by Marco Marco

As you can see above here Marco came out covering his face at first then he briefly reveals it. This is just his signature thing he does. I got a chance to meet him and get a picture after the show he said he does not like to show his face its his signature thing he does. He wants to be known for his designs and not his self face so to speak which is very unique and cool.



Below are some celebrities that came out that attended to watch the event

Benzino from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Celebrity singer Adam lambert, and designer Odair Perier, AzMarie Livingston of Empire and I heard Randy Jackson was at Style but I didn't get to catch up with him or get a picture. It was just way to many people. I could not keep up with everyone that came out that night. To much going on.

They had so many great performers that came out on both nights here are some of the acts below. Pop rock artist Riot Child Amanda with her lead drummer Alison. I know both of them so very talented and awesome.I met them both at another Awards event and talked for a while with them and her whole management crew publicist and everyone with them. They are so awesome. If you all are reading this thank you Amanda and Alison you both rocked such an awesome performance. I didn't even realize it was her till she started singing. I was like that's Amanda, after the performance I caught up with her and the whole crew on the carpet and heard someone calling my name and it was her publicist she remembered me  so cool they are all so wonderful. Riot Childs music is very good its pop and rock style music. I really like her style of music and her performances.The next singer was Amanda Holley Pop, R&B, soul singer. She was so good as well so much talent came out to style it was so amazing great night. I got a chance to meet Amanda on the carpet after wards and got some pictures with her to but they are all on my face book page my photographer friend Ryan took them, so I didn't wanna re post them on my blog unless I took them. I just let him tag me them over on my fb. And the last artist forgive me. I did not hear her name clearly when she announced it and didn't get time to talk to her on the carpet, when I took her picture she was also a great performer. I loved that song she sang towards the end it went boom boom boom everybody really good another great performer


                                 Designs by Merlin Castell

Below is designs by Merlin Castell there were so many great designers. I loved everyone I took way to many pictures I don't wanna pile all these pictures on my blog so I just picked out of random and shared them here with you all hope you enjoy