LA Fashion Corner Caring With Style Fashion Show

I wanted to start off by saying I have been doing a lot of fashion shows. And covering as press so I can blog about them which is fun. I am typically an event, red carpets, head shots and portraits kind of photographer. I am now learning more about the whole fashion photography world and I thought, I wanna a different kind of blog not like everyone else, doing the same thing. Even though I love all kinds of blogs as well. Today was la fashion corner and I went out to get some shots and cover. Such an amazing night so many fashion shows in one week. This particular event had so many great designers and models designs by Shekhar Rahate Collection, Courtney Allergra, K. Waters Fashion, Sinnia R. Collection, One World Peace, Cynna Z Apparel, Hannah Anhari Courture, and Mousmous Designs. Caring with style fashion show took place at the Boulevard 3 and featured designs from today's hottest designs. This years event will honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I had such a great time all though I didn't get to many pictures, I didn't wanna overload on shots, so I just shot some of the fashion show and mainly people at the event eating, on the red carpet, and enjoying themselves. It was definitely a fun night. And I loved all the food that was at this event. I had many favorites one of the sponsored vendors in attendance was Cheesecake de Granger these little bites they looked like little Minnie cup cakes with frosting on top. Wow so delicious these little cheesecake bites are amazing. I think I may of had like 5 of them, I could not stop eating. I love cheesecake so that would definitely be one of my sweet temptations the cheesecake bites. If you are a cheesecake lover you should definitely check out this company, loving the cakes. I got a chance to walk around an network and run into a lot of people I know and had a great time. Every time I go to events I always hand out my business cards, its crazy how many cards I drop at these events. I even lost count so many people show up its crazy. I always love networking and connecting with new people you never know who you might run into. Or who you can connect with at any event, that is the beauty of networking and learning also meeting new people. So is anyone a sushi lover. Well I love sushi, if it was the only food on this planet its all I would eat ever, that or lobster. I love fish period. Anyways so the next sponsor at the event was Party Sushi and they had plates of sushi so good, the first one I believe was shredded crab and rice wrapped over seaweed with some other stuff inside, they also had the ones with the slivered salmon on rice. I am not a big raw salmon eater,but I do like my salmon cooked but the tuna oh yes Ahi tuna, Tuna Poke, crab meat all that stuff oh yes I can eat for days love it. They had plates of sushi all over the place. You have to check them out so good Party Sushi. And last but not least the next sponsor was Helados Pops Ice Cream. I tried like 3 flavors the chocolate, guava and the orange one cant remember what the flavor was some fruity one it was very good. I got my ice cream on a little coconut bowl so cute. I think they only had a few left, after awhile they just started serving ice cream in a clear cup, it was so cute the little coconut bowl with ice cream in it and they also topped it with coconut shavings which was pretty good. Well after all that eating, I was ready to watch the show, so I made my way over to the stage to wait as they got ready to start, the stage was suspended up high on stilts above us so it was quite a challenge trying to find an angle or spot to shoot at but it all worked out most of the photographers shot from the back because they had the long wide angle lens that zooms right up from way back on the wall. It is very fun learning about fashion I love clothes dressing up and fashion as well as fashion shows and fashion photography is really interesting it is a bit different from regular photography. I love that I am always learning and growing and that is so very cool. I never wanna get to a point when I think I know everything, cause I love learning and everything I do, is a journey and learning process, that is what makes it so fun and interesting. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I have another one coming up in a day or so on Style Fashion week stay posted thanks till next time by now.