Maryam Shepardson

  Welcome to my site my name is Maryam Shepardson. I started in radio back in 2009. Since then connected and met also worked and been trained by several different mentors in the business and very grateful to have learned and met so many great people. In 2015 I graduated from broadcasting school. And now learning to become a blogger.I am very new at it but thought hey why not take everything I have been doing and learning and blog on it. After learning the online radio field, media, and freelance photography I thought it would be fun to blog and do some video vlogging on my life and what I have been through and events that I cover and take my blog and put it to use, to maybe even help others learning about the online radio, freelance photography, and media world.  I also want to share free downloadable PDF files on my site and guides for others to learn what I have learned and how to help others get into those fields so why not make guides and have stories about what I have learned. If it can help someone trying to be say for example a freelance photographer or an online radio personal or someone who likes going out to events networking and covering to talk and network with other's then why not put it to use and help people who want to learn as I have been taught. I may have not been on a major radio network but I have definitely been around tons of influential industry professionals and different people in the industry that have trained and taught me and also interviewed everyone from up and coming's to celebrities and so on. I am still learning and growing in my field and love that I am now realizing I am my own boss and can be my own entrepreneur and start my own thing so hope you enjoy this blog and welcome sincerely Maryam Shepardson




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